Engineering FAQs

Q. Why are entry-level engineering roles more rewarding than your average post-college job?

A. Simply put, it's the intellectual challenge, environment of collaboration/learning and professional satisfaction in delivering a product that is highly valued by the user. As one of the most trafficked websites in the world, we tackle unique computer science and intellectual challenges every day, challenges which can only be found when developing and deploying solutions at scale. This provides for a unique learning environment where you will develop skills that distinguish you from the crowd. You will be surrounded by an extraordinarily talented engineering team who are extremely collaborative, allowing for your ideas to be heard. We release frequently and quickly, so there's no danger of "dead code" here. You will find great professional satisfaction in releasing solutions to an audience of users who truly love the product.

Q. Are engineering internships paid or unpaid?

A. All engineering internships are paid positions.

Q. How long are engineering internships?

A. The average duration of internships are between 3 and 6 months.

Q. Do you offer school-year internships and co-ops?

A. Yes! We offer summer and academic year internships.

Q. When does recruiting start for both engineering internships and entry-level engineering roles?

A. While it varies year-to-year, our recruitment team typically attends fall career fairs to discuss entry-level roles for both the Marketing Rotation Program and engineering.

Q. How do I apply? What should I include?

A. Please submit a resume and cover letter detailing your interest and qualifications. You can submit them to our jobs page at:

Q. When is the application deadline?

A. There is not a pre-determined deadline. Applications can be submitted once the position is posted, and positions will be filled on a rolling basis. The position posting will be removed from the site once we are no longer accepting applications. If you are not selected for the program, you will receive an e-mail notifying you.

Q. Ok, so I've applied, what's the next step?

A. Did you submit your resume and cover letter via our site at Once you've done that, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail notifying you that we've received your application. At that point, a recruiter will review your resume. If we are interested in further discussing the position with you, we'll follow-up by e-mail to schedule a phone call with a recruiter.

Q. What is the interview process like for engineering roles?

A. We strive to be respond quickly to applications. If you are selected to be interviewed, we will contact you to arrange a phone and/or online interview. Otherwise, we will notify you of our decision not to pursue your candidacy.

The Interview Process: Typically, the interview process consists of a telephone interview and/or an online whiteboard interview, followed by one or two onsite interviews.

Telephone / Online Whiteboard Interview: From the telephone interview, we hope to gain an understanding of your basic computer science knowledge, professional experience and ambitions. When possible, we like to arrange for an online whiteboard format to provide for an added level of collaboration.

Onsite interview: Our onsite interview format is a series of individual meetings with various members of the engineering team. We aim to get a grasp of your technical skills while also getting to know who you are and how you communicate. You should be prepared to work through technical problem-solving exercises in a collaborative fashion with the interviewer. You should arrive prepared to provide concrete example of past achievements of which you are particularly proud.

Hiring Decision: We know this is as important to you as it is to us, so we aim to be extremely conscientious and responsive. You can expect to receive feedback within the week (possibly as early as 48 hours) following your interview.

Q. Do you offer housing for engineering interns or relocation assistance?

A. Interns are responsible for finding their own housing. TripAdvisor does offer limited relocation assistance for both internships and entry-level positions.

Q. Do you accept international students?

A. TripAdvisor does consider international candidates.

Q. Is there a career pathway from intern to entry-level engineer?

A. One of the goals of our engineering internships is for you to learn more about what it is like to work at TripAdvisor and for us to learn more about your abilities and skills. While an entry-level position is never guaranteed and is based on individual performance and the availability of a position at the time, our engineering internships are an ideal entry-point to TripAdvisor.