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TripAdvisor Business Listings FAQs

What is TripAdvisor Business Listings?
TripAdvisor Business Listings is a new placement on your hotel listing page on TripAdvisor.com that enables you to add your direct contact details on all TripAdvisor website domains as well as our mobile website. Your phone number, email address and website homepage can all be added.
Where exactly will the direct contact links be placed?
At the top of your hotel page under your property address and above the "Check Rates" box. They will appear above the fold.
Isn’t my property already listed on TripAdvisor?
Yes it is. This is an opportunity for you to take advantage of a new business listing placement that will enable anyone who is reading reviews about your property and considering staying there to be able to contact you by their preferred means, either phone, mail, or web.
Who will see it?
TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel community and is visited by 56m unique visitors every month. These visitors are actively researching their trips and looking to find places to stay. Travelers trust the views of other travelers and, in a one-click culture, they are used to accessing further information simply and easily. They will now be just one keystroke away from your website to see that information.
So, it’s a directory listing?
That’s right, however it is a directory listing with a difference. It is on a page where our viewers come to look at guest ratings, reviews and photos of your property. According to a Forrester survey in 2007, 87% of consumers looking for hotels are influenced by reviews and want to read them before they book. If you have put in the hard work to earn good reviews from your guests, these listings will allow you to capitalize on them.
How much will it cost?
Subscribers have found that marketing their properties through a TripAdvisor Business Listing delivers bookings at a lower cost of acquisition relative to alternate channels. To see how much Business Listings would cost for your property, log in to your property’s TripAdvisor account and then go to www.tripadvisor.com/BusinessListings.
Do you have any kind of discount or introductory offers?
We often run promotions - click here to check out our latest offers.
What if I want to cancel? How long am I committed for?
You can cancel your Business Listing subscription at any time. The date your subscription terminates, and what (if any) refund you are entitled to, will depend on the kind of subscription you have. For complete details on cancellation policies for all subscription types, please read section 7 of our Terms and Conditions: Effective Date, Cancellation and Switching.
How can I ensure my contact details are displayed on TripAdvisor.com?
Go to your Owners' Center page. If you are already registered, click on the Business Listing link. (If you are not registered, click "Register Now" and follow the steps to register first). Once on that page, you will be asked for the contact details that you would like to display on the site. Once you are happy with what you would like to show, you can enter your credit card details directly on our secure payment interface.
If I buy a Business Listing, will it improve my TripAdvisor Popularity Index score?
Absolutely not. The TripAdvisor Popularity Index is based completely on Traveler Ratings to determine traveler satisfaction. Greater emphasis is placed on the most recent information. We calculate the Popularity Index using a proprietary algorithm. Advertising does not influence the TripAdvisor Popularity Index ranking in any way. We maintain a strict "separation of church and state" on this issue.
I have different web addresses for my different language sites. Will I be able to link to the different sites from the different TripAdvisor domains?
Yes, you can enter all of your different web addresses (phone numbers and e-mails too if they are different) and specify which TripAdvisor domain you would like each to appear on.
What if I want to change my contact details?
If you contact our customer care team, they will be pleased to help you with this. Please click here to reach us.
Does this also allow me to add a description and more photos of my property?
You can do this now for free - simply go to your Owners' Center page and click on Manage your listing. There, you will find instructions on how to add useful info and pictures to your hotel page as well as marketing and performance tracking tools.