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New York City, New York

In 1977 I bought a silver Ethiopian bracelet. As I looked at the quality of the workmanship and design, I thought "Ethiopia. Who ever thinks about Ethiopia?" Since then, I have used traditional crafts, primarily textiles and jewelry, to find my travel destinations. Invariably, such cultures also have significant architecture, music and other traditions. In short, I have learned that literacy is not the primary criterion by which to judge a culture's sophistication. I have also been awed by the under-appreciated art of women in traditional cultures. Focusing on textiles and jewelry also shows me the history of conquest and of trade, because techniques, patterns and motifs spread in this way. Food, music and architecture are equally informative. Learning about cultures this way, and by reading novels written by their authors, gives me a sense of them that is more sensual and experiental than intellectual. But, then, isn't this how we learned our own culture? Today, as I travel, I am witnessing the end of the tribal cultures of the world, as gobalization and moderization outfits everyone in tee shirts, running shoes and jeans. So I'm out-racing time to see what's left of the public face of cultures that date back hundreds and thousands of years.
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