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Since May 2008

25-34 year old female

Newton, Massachusetts

I work on the Community Support Team at TripAdvisor. I love to watch our community grow and help travelers get the information they need. It's all about making the TripAdvisor community better. You guys are the best! I love to read, watch good TV (what's left of it anyway), do yoga, and visit my family's house in Vermont. I used to live in Los Angeles, where I worked in the television biz. Now I'm back home in Beantown, but I visit LA as often as I can. I have the most high maintenance cat in the world. She eats only the finest food, drinks from a running water fountain, and sees a holistic veterinarian for acupuncture and biofeedback treatments. Luckily, there are a ton of cat lovers here at TripAdvisor who understand me. :)
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