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Read-Optimized, Eventually-Consistent Data Stores: In Practice

Jean-Philippe Daigle posted October 15, 2019
This is Part 2 of a series on how TripAdvisor uses event-driven architecture. In Part 1, we introduced basic concepts and trade-offs; now we’ll dig into two different real-world use cases: followee feed-building and member profile search. Both of these use cases rely on maintaining an eventually-consistent, non-authoritative view of data managed by other services for the purposes of fast querying. Followee / Follower Model The Travel Feed on TripAdvisor is a collection of recent…
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Toward CQRS: Read-Optimized Data Stores, the Join Problem, and Event Collaboration

Jean-Philippe Daigle posted October 8, 2019
This is Part 1 of a series on how TripAdvisor uses event-driven architecture and read-optimized data stores to orchestrate complex work across a complex fleet of microservices. TripAdvisor runs a constellation of microservices, several of which operate as the source of authoritative truth for one small part of the business' overall data model. Services marshall, through their public API, access and update requests for the data they manage. The Join Problem With…
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