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Business-driving advice — all in one place.

Get ahead of the competition by making smarter revenue and distribution decisions.

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Business-driving advice — all in one place.

Get ahead of the competition by making smarter revenue and distribution decisions.

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Two crucial tools. One powerful solution.

From setting nightly rates to predicting demand, solve your toughest business challenges with real data insights at your fingertips.

Your Hotel Rates

Rate Spotlight

Uncover rate insights
  • Compare nightly rates to the competition on one dashboard across room types and length of stay (it’s easy — no manual checks needed!)
  • Adjust rates based on the most accurate, real-time intelligence on your competitors to maximize RevPAR
Monitor parity performance
  • Drill into nightly rates by market and channel to identify parity issues
  • Monitor whether your distribution partners are undercutting you on price
Your Hotel Area

Market Spotlight*

Track demand trends
  • Anticipate future demand based on extensive data we have compiled across local events and travel searches for flights, accommodations, and more
  • Maximize your RevPAR by taking precise action based on expected demand for future stay dates
Identify your true competitors
  • Ensure you are always positioned against the most relevant competitors with dynamic compsets that change as the market shifts
  • Identify similar properties in terms of location, review score, star rating and more to provide an extended comparison in every demand condition

*based on market eligibility

Navigating uncharted territory

Historical performance is no longer an accurate way to predict future demand. To succeed in these unprecedented times, let us give you a clear view of how your competitors are setting rates in real time, and how you can maximize your revenue using forward-looking data.

RevPAR is down



Source STR, June 2020

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