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An exclusive way to reach the most engaged travelers

Access high-intent guests and increase bookings by participating in Tripadvisor’s first-of-its-kind travel membership program.

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Tripadvisor Plus

More visibility and demand

By offering guests exclusive rewards and perks on every stay, Tripadvisor Plus gives hotels another way to attract ready-to-book travelers on the world's largest travel platform.

More visibility and demand
  • Increase your visibility among all travelers searching in your area, including Plus members and beyond
  • The more value you offer members, the higher you place in organic search results
  • Special badging allows you to stand out from the competition

More ways you can win with Tripadvisor Plus

Not only does Tripadvisor Plus expand your reach, it offers additional benefits to your business as well. See how.

More high-value bookings
  • Maximize traveler value with this new demand channel
  • Join for free with no upfront costs
Preserve rate integrity
  • Stay true to best rate guarantees offered on your website and any OTA commitments
  • Traveler reward is funded by Tripadvisor
Stronger customer relationships
  • See guest data as soon as bookings occur, allowing you to communicate with travelers directly
  • Control your brand experience and reputation end-to-end
The reach you want
  • Get unparalleled access to Tripadvisor Plus members
  • These high-intent travelers book further in advance, stay longer, and spend more overall
TripAdvisor Plus
TripAdvisor Plus

Tripadvisor Plus hotels get


more clicks to their property page, leading to increased demand

Source: Tripadvisor internal log files, Q4 2020

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We've got you covered. Here you'll find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Tripadvisor Plus is our new direct-to-consumer paid membership program offering traveler rewards, perks, complimentary amenities at the hotel (like dining credits, room upgrades, free parking, and free wifi), and discounts on experiences booked on Tripadvisor.
Our launch partners offer access to a range of accommodation types and sizes (a mix of small independents, chains, resorts and city center properties). To ensure we’re providing members with an optimal experience, we are currently hand-selecting properties based on location, ranking, and connectivity compatibility.
Tripadvisor Plus gives you a new way to attract ready-to-book travelers on the world’s largest travel platform. This first-of-its-kind booking solution increases your visibility with travelers searching in your area. You will place higher in organic search results as well as receive special badging, allowing you to stand out from the competition and drive more bookings.
It is free to join Tripadvisor Plus and there are no upfront costs. Participating hotels must commit to offering their lowest publicly accessible retail rate and set of perks to Plus members within our program guidelines. Participating hotels will pay a fixed commission to Tripadvisor on all bookings generated. After check-in, we will pay the traveler a reward, funded by Tripadvisor. Offering a set of special perks (e.g. free breakfast, a welcome gift, room upgrades, etc) enables you to gain even more visibility in our natural sort, and to deliver an exceptional customer experience to Tripadvisor Plus members.
Tripadvisor is proud to partner with some of the world’s leading hotel technology providers, enabling thousands of hotels to participate in Plus. For a full list of current Tripadvisor Plus connectivity partners, please visit this page.

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