Would you please recommend a useful transportation app that I can download for New York City?

Hi, Wendy. Would you please recommend a useful transportation app that I can download for New York City? Since the subway system in New York is so complicated, I need a good app. Thanks so much! -Louise

I hear you, Louise. I’m a native New Yorker who grew up smack in the middle of midtown and took the subway to school, yet sometimes even I get lost in the NYC subway system! Here are the apps I use.

* MetrO

This app has saved me time and frustration not only in NYC but in subways all over Europe. You punch in your point of origin and your destination, and it tells you which subway route is the fastest, as well as which is the easiest, and how long each will take. It doesn’t require Wi-Fi—so you can use it underground when you need it most (as long as you have installed the city you’re visiting)—and it works in 400 cities around the world.

* HopStop

I don’t find this app as easy to use as MetrO, but it provides door-to-door directions in more than 300 cities worldwide. It gives you more comprehensive transportation options—subway, bus, taxi, bike, walking, etc. —and their times and costs, so you can quickly compare. It even tells you the number of calories burned if you walk.

* Exit Strategy NYC

This app tells you where to stand on the subway platform when you board a train so that, when you get off at your destination, you’ll be positioned right at the exit of the station or at the spot for transferring to another line. And that saves you several minutes of walking underground and battling crowds every time you ride.

Two more tips for you, Louise:

* Whatever new city you’re traveling in, snap a photo of the transit system map with your smartphone. That way you can refer to it at any moment you need to while exploring the city.

* Remember that once you emerge from the subway, the TripAdvisor app tells you the top places to go in that neighborhood. And it works offline.

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