Few of us will ever have to face the daunting task of leaving home behind and building a new life somewhere completely new. However, this is the reality for millions of people displaced by conflict, disaster, famine, and more.  Many have left behind their homes and livelihoods—sometimes even family members—to find a safer, better life. 

Tripadvisor’s Welcome Home program aims to help newly arrived refugees, asylees and immigrants settle into their new hometowns. Through the program, we partner with refugee resettlement agencies across the US to provide vouchers for local Tripadvisor Experiences. This aim of the program is to provide positive experiences that help new arrivals find their feet in an unfamiliar cultural landscape, develop work and language skills and begin community integration.

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Tripadvisor’s commitment to addressing the refugee crisis

The global refugee crisis is now the largest mass displacement of people in history. Millions have been forced to abandon their homes, livelihoods and everything familiar to begin the daunting process of resettling in new countries, including the US.

At Tripadvisor, we believe the private sector has a responsibility to partner with organizations like the International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps to bring attention and resources to this crisis. Welcome Home addresses a core area of need: To support and strengthen resettlement opportunities in the U.S. and other host communities. As the largest provider of bookable experiences, we’re in a position to contribute vouchers for local experiences to enrich and enhance the resettlement process, which is an unimaginably difficult period in the lives of those who’ve already been through so much. 

We know our contributions are a small fraction of what’s sorely needed, and no single company or organization can tackle this crisis single handedly.  We’re honored to play a small role, and we hope to provide a day of discovery and belonging in what is an otherwise daunting process.

Welcome Home is a partnership between our Social Impact team and the Experiences business unit, and is one of many ways Tripadvisor provides support to displaced people. To read more about our work to support the displacement and refugee crisis, see here.

How you can help

Click here to donate to the IRC, and click here to donate to IINE. 

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If you are a member of the media with a question about Welcome Home, please contact exp-pr@tripadvisor.com.