In September, 2016 we announced a commitment of at least $5 million from the Tripadvisor Charitable Foundation over the next 3 years to aid the humanitarian refugee crisis. For the initial contribution, the Tripadvisor Charitable Foundation will expand its partnership with The International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Mercy Corps providing $1 million over 2 years to each organization. Additionally, we have committed to provide in-kind support for key projects in collaboration with several nonprofit partners addressing this crisis.

The UN reports that this is one the worst refugee crises and mass displacement of people since World War II, impacting millions of people who are seeking safe haven.  As of the end of 2015, 65.3 million people – or one out of every 113 people on Earth – are impacted and seeking safe haven.

Our financial and in-kind support will address 4 key focus areas of needs identified:

  • Meeting urgent humanitarian needs in Europe and the Syria region
  • Enabling access to critical information via technology solutions for refugees to make smart and informed decisions along their journey
  • Providing essential education and empowerment opportunities for refugee youth
  • Supporting & strengthening resettlement opportunities in the U.S., and in other host communities

“In the face of one of the world’s most complex humanitarian crises, we are called to action,” said Steve Kaufer, CEO of Tripadvisor. “Millions of refugees are seeking safe haven, often without safety or clarity around where they will end up, and they truly need our collective support.”

“This is a protracted crisis that is not going away overnight. It is reshaping economies and societies for the long-term. We know that no single company or organization can tackle this crisis singlehandedly and our donation and in-kind support is only a small fraction of what is desperately needed.  With the state of the issue, governments around the world need to do more to find and implement lasting solutions; however, it’s incumbent upon the private sector to leverage our unique expertise, resources and capabilities in partnership with nonprofit organizations.”

The mission of The Tripadvisor Charitable Foundation is to help strengthen human lives and communities around the world through commitments such as this.  One year ago, Tripadvisor began its support of the refugee crisis providing a donation through The Tripadvisor Charitable Foundation and appealed to its global community and employees with a gift matching campaign for a total donation of $1.4 million to both the IRC and Mercy Corps.  We are among 15 founding companies to join a White House Call To Action for the U.S. private sector to make significant commitments to addressing the crisis.

About the Tripadvisor Charitable Foundation

The Tripadvisor Charitable Foundation is the corporate philanthropic arm of Tripadvisor Media Group.  Since 2010, the Foundation has donated approximately $20 million to charitable organizations across the world addressing key humanitarian and societal issues.  The Foundation was established with the mission to inspire and enable Tripadvisor’s employees to volunteer their time and skills for causes they care about and to help strengthen human lives and communities around the world through a variety of grant programs.