How do you figure out the best room to book?

The savviest travelers out there don’t just book a hotel—they request a particular room, sometimes even by number. Some of the smartest travelers we know are frequent contributors to TripAdvisor’s forums, so we asked them: How do you figure out the best room to book? Here are their tips:

Determine your priority—be it a lovely view or peace and quiet:

“If we stay in a big city, we likely are just using the room to shower and sleep, so that view, while nice, isn’t that important. If we are staying at a resort and spending most of our time at the property, we want a good view.” –TripAdvisor Traveler bflobear11, Buffalo, New York

“I always request the highest floor, away from the elevators and ice machines. TripAdvisor reviews have a ‘room tip’ feature, which can be helpful.” –TripAdvisor Traveler LarryD, Dallas, Texas

Read reviews—and check out those photos:

“We prefer a quiet location, so I look for reviews that tell me things like which rooms face a busy road or are located above a nightclub.” –TripAdvisor Traveler jsmla, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“We use reviews, guest photos in reviews, and the resort’s website to determine what room category we’d like to book. We then come on the forum to ask questions about various room locations.” –TripAdvisor Traveler laceyblue, Cornwall, Canada

“I always look at travelers’ photos, which I find are often more representative than those provided on hotel websites.” –TripAdvisor Traveler vegasSuisse

Make a personal connection with the hotel…

“I email the hotel and try to establish a relationship with a person there. I will ask for ‘a quiet room’ or ‘a room on the top floor’ or ‘that room behind the mango tree’ at booking.” –TripAdvisor Traveler suze2you, Seattle, Washington

“Your chances of getting a specific room improve if you are one of the earlier guests to arrive and you have pre-selected more than one room. My daughter, who works in an upscale Miami hotel, informs me that smiling to the front desk clerk often does the trick.” –TripAdvisor Traveler FlaGolfer55, Pembroke Pines, Florida

…or with a savvy traveler:

“I use anything available to me until I get the information I need: TripAdvisor forums, past threads, reviews, photos, even sending a private message to a reviewer or forum contributor.” –TripAdvisor Traveler KansasPVgal, Shawnee, Kansas

Show your loyalty:

“I register for a hotel’s loyalty program. I find I get my room preference more often this way.” –TripAdvisor Traveler clhircock, Satellite Beach, Florida

“If it is your second or third stay, let the hotel know; they really appreciate return guests and try to look out especially well for them.” –TripAdvisor Traveler gene

And finally, don’t give up until you’re satisfied:

“When I arrive at the hotel, I ask to see several room choices, then pick the best.”

–TripAdvisor Traveler suze2you, Seattle, Washington

TripAdvisor Tip: Before you can select the best room for your stay, you first need to research and book your ideal hotel! You can use TripAdvisor to read traveler reviews and opinions on hotels, and then compare more than 200+ sites to find the best prices.

Edited by: Brook Wilkinson