If money was no object, where would you go? We asked TripAdvisor travelers that very question, then found the best deals for the best times in all nine of their dream destinations. The Luxury for Less Guide takes hotel rates, weather and activity options into account to present once-in-a-lifetime (and surprisingly attainable!) trip ideas – some with up to 50% possible hotel savings.

Best Value Time Period: May & June

Average saving: 52% / $262

Good to know: Monsoon season is over and travelers can enjoy sunny temperatures of about 86°F during the day – perfect for watersports. And culture lovers, get excited: the rice harvest ends with a huge celebration and, at that, a great look into Balinese culture.

Best Value Time Period: September

Average saving: 51% / $289

Good to know: The temperatures are comfortable (~75°F) and there is little rain. Temperature drops at higher altitudes and by the sea are possible, so be sure to bring a sweater. When planning your hotel stay, keep in mind that the Northern and Western parts of the island generally stay warmer and drier. 

Best Value Time Period: April

Average saving: 38% / $507

Good to know: Temperatures climb up to 84°F during the day, and the water temperature never drops below 79°F. If you’d rather stay out of the sun, book a hotel on the eastern side of the island, where an onshore wind keeps things cooler (thought it also makes for more humidity).

Best Value Time Period: March

Average saving: 33% / $158

Good to know: March weather is so unpredictable in NYC that you can’t even rule out a sudden snowstorm. That said, arrive prepared with warmer clothes and an umbrella. If worse comes to worst and you’re in a wardrobe bind, don’t worry – the city offers some of the world’s best shopping.

Best Value Time Period: April & October

Average saving: 32% / $238

Good to know: While there’s no real bad time to visit Botswana, April is when nature begins to blossom in the Kalahari – and October is an optimal time to spot wildlife on a safari. Do note though that opportunities to visit the Okavango Delta are limited in April, as the roads are often muddy and are not always passable, even in four-wheelers.

Best Value Time Period: May

Average saving: 31% / $50

Good to know: Autumn in Brazil is known for its pleasant, warm temperatures – a good time to go if you’re looking to avoid the hot summer heat. Just don’t forget to bring a sweater or jacket, as nighttime temperatures can drop to an average of 57°F.

Best Value Time Period: May

Average saving: 21% / $67

Good to know: Avoid planning your trip at the beginning of May, a.k.a. Golden Week, when four national holidays take place in a row. Many locals go on vacation during this time, and businesses may be closed.

Best Value Time Period: September

Average saving: 20% / $115

Good to know: In September, seagrass floods can still affect some islands – Praslin, in particular – but beaches on the windward side are far less likely to be affected. As water activities go, this is the best diving season, with an underwater visibility of over 35 meters in some spots – but conditions aren’t as great for sailing or surfing, being that this is a rather windless time of year.

Best Value Time Period: April & May / September & October

Average saving: 20% / $99

Good to know: April, May, September and October are considered off-season, so you can explore the islands without the high-season crowds. If you go in April, bring your raincoat – it’s one of the wetter months of the year, but also the best time for whale-watching.