We have heard you loud and clear wondering when you can start using TripAdvisor to review airlines.   You’ve used TripAdvisor to review hotels, restaurants and attractions for years!  So why not airlines?

Today we’re pleased to introduce a new airline reviews platform on TripAdvisor that lets you share your feedback about any of more than 300 major airlines that fly around the globe.

Air travel has changed a lot over the years and we know that it’s getting harder to find the total cost of a flight, and information about in-flight amenities is not very accessible. At the same time, a bunch of international airlines have added new routes to destinations where they are less well known to locals.

With our flights search and new airline reviews platform we are here to help.  It can help you answer questions like: Is a route any good? What about hidden fees? Will the in-flight WiFi be reliable? With so many variables how will I know I’m choosing the best flight?

Now it will be easier to research airlines on TripAdvisor and choose the best flight for your trip based not only on the price, but the total experience. With our new airline reviews platform, you’ll not only have access to overall airline ratings and reviews, but you’ll be able to see how other travelers rate specific criteria like legroom, in-flight entertainment, value for money, seat comfort and customer service.

We have also rolled out a newly redesigned flights search service and beta launch of a “flyscore” that rates the quality of each air travel itinerary for our community of travelers.

Our new flyscore, helps demystify the flight shopping experience by displaying a 1-10 out of 10 score for individual flights based on the power of qualitative traveler reviews, the quality of the aircraft, in-flight amenities and the duration of the itinerary. The score will help you quickly scan for the best flight options before booking.

And, as part of our new flights design, we’re showcasing even more comprehensive information about in-flight amenities, such as power ports and the type of in-flight Wi-Fi available, to help you make more informed decisions about which flight is best for you.

We invite you to check out all the cool new features and want you to know that these enhancements are just the start and we’re looking forward to revealing more features over the next several months. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think, and if you’ve recently had an airline experience, we’d encourage you to write a review.