We recently announced the winners of this year’s Travelers’ Choice awards for the top beaches in the world, which are based on millions of reviews by you, the traveler! We decided to ask our travel community which award-winning beach they wanted to visit for their next getaway in this game, and the verdict is in: travelers are eager to visit Anse Lazio on Praslin Island in Seychelles!

Find out why travelers voted to visit this top-rated beach, and why YOU should make it your next beach getaway!

  1. It’s located in the Seychelles…


An archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa, the Seychelles is comprised of a whopping 155 islands! It also boasts several UNESCO-designated sites, like coral atoll Aldabra and Vallée de Mai, which is also called the Garden of Eden. While Creole is the primary language, French and English are also commonly spoken.

  1. On an amazing island…

Praslin Island is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean near Madagascar, and Anse Lazio is a beach that draws in many of Praslin’s tourist population every year. Even though it’s the second largest island of the Seychelles by land area, it has a population of only 6,500 and isn’t as developed as neighboring Mahe Island, which means less crowds and more relaxation.

Praslin can be reached by boat from either Mahe or La Digue, and the ride is quite scenic, although a bit bumpy. If you’re worried about getting seasick, you can opt to take the plane to Praslin airport. Once you arrive on the island, getting around is easy and inexpensive. Praslin’s buses go basically everywhere around the island, therefore making sightseeing and exploration a stress-free experience.

  1. The diverse range of sea life and wildlife will leave you in awe.

Praslin Island is home to several different kinds of animals, including the Seychelles Bulbul, Black Parrot, and Tiger Chameleon, just to name a few. And at Whitetip Divers, rated a top boat tour on the island on TripAdvisor, travelers have the opportunity to really explore and get up-close-and-personal with the island’s sea life. TripAdvisor reviewer 348sebd says of his experience, “On one of our dives, we spotted a whale shark and the dive masters told us to gear up and dive with the whale shark, which was a breathtaking moment and the highlight of my trip.”

Visitors are also fated to see various abundant species of sea creatures. “We snorkeled seeing stingrays and dolphins, in addition to over 80 species. The baby tortoise nests are a great surprise as well,” says TripAdvisor reviewer balkanari from Pennsylvania.

  1. The crystal-clear waters are some of the most beautiful you’ll ever see.

Travelers from all over the world come to Anse Lazio to marvel at and enjoy its waters. As TripAdvisor reviewer spadix put it: “All the words describing this beach in the various travel brochures around the internet do not do justice to its character and beauty… Amazing, clear water and the right kind of waves to make it a fun day for the family.”

  1. It’s surrounded by granite boulders, which will make for some incredible travel photos!

One TripAdvisor reviewer says, “The beach features perfect sand, clear turquoise water, and the shoreline granite boulders that define Seychelles. Words don’t do it justice.” –TripAdvisor reviewer annapZ2325PL from Chicago, Illinois

  1. And those picturesque granite boulders? They are steeped in history and tales of pirates.

It has been said that pirates venturing through the Indian Ocean in centuries past may have inhabited or made a stop at Anse Lazio for a short period. On some of the granite boulders that surround the beach, there are are carvings that point to specific places and landmarks of Praslin Island, like La Pointe Chevalier mountain and the mountain of Cherimont. How’s that for some history?

  1. If you’re hungry from a long day of exploring the beach, beachside eats are just a few steps away.

One of the few restaurants near the beach, Bonbon Plume, offers up a delicious fare of fresh seafood and authentic Creole cuisine native to the Seychelles. You’ll also never grow tired of the scenery, as it’s situated in an alcove of palm trees with spectacular beach views, creating a relaxing and inviting ambiance for diners.

  1. But this beach’s real hidden treasure? A secret bar!

Located on the left side of the beach is the ‘Honesty Bar.’ Sound intriguing? TripAdvisor traveler Eosterman describes it as the “best part about the beach. Walk all the way to the far left past the first set of big rocks to the next little section of beach and look for the little sign pointing to ‘Honesty Bar.’ Imagine you’re thirsty and there’s nothing around and then you find a little fridge in the middle of the woods full of beer, waters, soft drinks, rum and a little tray to leave your money. No one is there, you just help yourself and pay! It’s the greatest ever.”

Already dreaming of visiting Anse Lazio? There are many bookable hotels to choose from on Praslin Island—click here to read reviews, browse photos and begin planning your beach getaway!