Want to know who the biggest thrill seekers are?

Want to know who the biggest thrill seekers are? What essentials travelers won’t leave home without? And which nationality is the most likely to pick a destination just to get a tan? TripAdvisor’s TripBarometer study unveils top travel trends for 2016 according to more than 34,000 travelers from around the world.

1. 3 in 5 Chinese travelers consider it essential to bring their own towel with them on trips (61%).

2. No kettle, no deal; more than 2 in 5 New Zealand (46%), Indian (44%) and South African (44%) travelers won’t book a place unless it provides a kettle, tea bags and coffee, included in the price.

3. 4 in 10 Russian travelers have chosen a destination on the basis of whether or not they can get a tan (41%).

4. Travel provides writing inspiration for the French: 1 in 4 French travelers won’t go on a trip without a journal or notebook (25%).

5. Germophobic? Australians, Canadians, South Africans, Indian and US travelers top the list of nationalities more likely to consider hand-sanitizer an essential travel item.

6. Almost 1 in 2 Japanese Millennials have visited a location because they saw it on a TV show (44%).

7. Indonesian, Argentinian, Malaysian, Chinese and Mexican travelers are the top five nationalities most likely to pack an extra suitcase when they go on a trip, suggesting that they are the biggest travel shoppers.

8. Topping the thrill-seekers list for next year are Thai, Indonesian and Indian travelers, with one third saying they are planning to try adventure travel for the first time in 2016.

9. 47% of Brazilian Millennials will not stay somewhere that doesn’t include a mini-bar in the standard rate – well above the global average of 15%.

10. Germans are the most likely to find travel inspiration from a documentary, with 1 in 4 saying they have chosen to visit a destination for this reason (26%).

11. 34% of American and New Zealand travelers have chosen to visit a destination to attend an event.

12. Tech-savvy Indonesian and Chinese travelers are the most likely to be seen sporting wearable technology on their trips, with 16% and 12% respectively saying they won’t leave home without it. In contrast, only 2% of Italian and Japanese travelers consider wearable gadgets a travel essential.

13. Fitness first: 1 in 6 Indian Millennials won’t book a place which doesn’t have gym facilities (18%).

14. Brits are book worms with 37% saying their travel essential is an e-book.

15. The Swiss are likely to accumulate the most frequent flyer points in 2016, with 1 in 10 Swiss travelers planning to take more than 10 international trips next year (10%).

16. Overseas relatives are most likely to get a visit from New Zealanders with almost 1 in 3 saying they chose a destination for family (30%). In contrast, Russians, Austrians and Thai are the least likely to visit a destination because of family with only 4% saying they chose a destination for this reason.

17. Smartphone snaps just won’t cut it for passionate travel photographers; Russian, French, Canadian, Austrian and Argentinian travelers are the top five nationalities that won’t leave home without a camera.

18. Australians plan to spend the most on travel in 2016 with an estimated average budget of $10,800. In contrast, Indonesians plan to spend the least with an average budget of $1,300.

19. Irish and Malaysian travelers are the most likely to choose a destination because there was a cheap flight available (39%).

20. 35% of Indian travelers are planning to go on a Safari trip for the first time in 2016.

21. Americans, Indonesians and Indians are the most likely to make work fun, with 23% saying they have extended a trip to a destination for leisure while visiting for business.

22. Chinese travelers are the most likely to be influenced by movies with 1 in 5 saying they chose a destination because they had seen it in a movie (20%).

23. 49% of Mexicans won’t book a hotel if it doesn’t have a swimming pool.

24. 1 in 5 Chinese travelers have visited a destination for a spiritual pilgrimage (20%).

25. Russian travelers are the most concerned with communicating in a foreign country, with 1 in 4 always carrying a dictionary or translation guide when they travel (25%).

26. Friends of the earth: one in 10 Spanish travelers have chosen to visit a destination based on its eco-friendly credentials (10%).

Conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor by independent research firm Ipsos, the TripBarometer study is the analysis of more than 44,000 survey responses from travellers and the hotel sector worldwide. The TripBarometer ‘2016 Travel Trends’ report presents a snapshot of the travel landscape for 2016, revealing country-level, regional and global travel trends.

To find out more, visit www.tripadvisor.com/tripbarometer.