We all know that Germany is a topnotch destination for suds-lovers. But the world is a big, exciting place. Around the globe, the craft beer craze is booming.

We mined TripAdvisor data for beer and pub tours to find beer destinations on the rise*. You might call these countries the new (ahem) “hop” spots.

South Korea

Why go: According to TripAdvisor data, beer and pub tours in South Korea have increased by a whopping 564 percent since 2017—no surprise since South Korea’s increased beer production was as a decades-long, government-backed effort to one-up their North Korean counterparts.

What to do: If you find yourself traveling to Seoul, check out The Sool Company’s Korean Alcohol Tours. Travelers can choose between taking a brewery class to learn from a few masters or try its “alcohol dining experience,” which blends local brewers with local eats.


Why go: Scots may be better known for their whisky, but beer tours have increased 486 percent since 2017. The country is experiencing a boom in craft beer breweries—and, since beer and whisky both start the fermentation process the same way, odds are the Scots have got beer-making down pat too.

What to do: Book a day with ScotBeer Tours in Edinburgh. A knowledgeable guide will teach you about the beer-making process as well as just how much alcohol has played a part in Scotland’s history.


Why go: Ireland is home to one of the most famous beer brands in the world: Guinness. But, that’s not the only pint the country has to offer.  According to The Journal, the number of craft breweries in Ireland grew by more than 500 percent between 2012 to 2017, and TripAdvisor data indicates that brew tours in Ireland grew more than 388 percent since 2017.

What to do: If you’re interested in traveling to Ireland for a beer tour you might as well make it a multi-day event with Brewery Hops in Dublin. The company offers several itineraries, including a “meet the makers” series, a two-day beer and bike tour, and, for true enthusiasts, a six-day pint tour.

New Zealand

Why go: New Zealand is a well-known destination for adventure travel, from hiking through some of the most serene landscapes on earth to skydiving into wide-open fields and everything in between. But, after you’ve gotten your fill of adventure there’s one more thing to try: New Zealand’s epic beer scene. Since 2017, the nation saw a 258 percent increase in beer tours.  

What to do: Before heading into Beervana, a two-day beer extravaganza in Wellington, take a half day craft beer tour with Zozo Travel. The tour includes stops and tastings at Kereru, Boneface Brewery, Baylands Brewery, and The Third Eye, along with intimate discussions with brewers.


Why go: It’s no surprise that Germany’s neighbor has a great, and growing beer scene. In fact, according to Visit Vienna, the average Austrian drinks about 106 liters of beer each year—clearly they know they’ve got a good thing going and want to share their love of suds. That’s likely why Austria saw a 218 percent growth in beer and pub-related tour bookings.

What to do: After touching down in Vienna jump on a Vienna Nights Pub Tour, which will not only take you to the hottest spots, but will also introduce you to beers you’ve never even heard of before.


Why go: France may be the land of wine and champagne, but people are also quickly starting to recognize it for its fantastic breweries too; it saw a 213 percent increase in pub-related tours.  

What to do: If you’re visiting Paris look beyond the Eiffel Tower and pay a visit to the BAPBAP Brewery. Inside, you can learn more about how 100 percent French beer is made and taste a few pints for yourself.


Why go: Spain has a beer culture all its own, right down to how it sizes a glass. Rather than just getting a pint, Spanish bars offer up a cana, a smaller cup that looks somewhat like a brandy glass, and a Tubo, which measures in at about 10 oz. Or you could order a jarra, which is a larger pint glass-sized cup. No matter the size, everyone is clearly enjoying their time on Spanish bar crawls as pub-related tours have increased 142 percent.

What to do: If you’re visiting Madrid, book some time with Native Spanish Tapas, which brings you around to all the best pubs for a jarra or two along with plenty of snacks.


Why go: There’s nothing quite like a warm day to spur your desire for a cold beer, making it no surprise the Bahamas had a 132 percent increase in pub-related tours. In the Bahamas, visitors will find plenty of homegrown favorites to try including Sands Beer, Sands Light, Strong Back Stout, High Rock Lager, and Bush Crack. These are all owned by Bahamian Brewery, which is the only all Bahamian brewer stationed in the Bahamas.

What to do: While visiting the Bahamas, the two-hour Bahama Brews Beer Tour will take you to all the best spots and let you sip and savor local flavors under the tropical sun.


Why go: Colombia is hiding a major secret: It’s home to some seriously tasty craft beers. The South American country has experienced a 100 percent increase in pub-related tours thanks in large part to the introduction of new breweries creating everything from luxury pilsners, lagers, and traditional ales.

What to do: Plan a stopover in Bogota and hop on the Bogota Craft Beer Tour, which takes guests to several microbreweries and craft beer bars, with plenty of tasting opportunities throughout.


Why go: Did you know that the world’s best-selling beer is brewed in China? As Thrillist noted, a beer known as “Snow” is brewed exclusively for the Chinese market and costs just 49 cents per can. Maybe this beer alone is why China saw an 89 percent increase in pub-related tours since 2017.

What to do: Spend a few days in Shanghai where you can experience the Brewery Tour Shanghai, which is full of delicious tastes and fun facts about China’s growing love of all things beer. That way, you can consider yourself an expert too.

*Beer destinations on the rise is based on category growth for beer and pub-related tour bookings on TripAdvisor from January to September 2017 vs January to September 2018.