Here, travel experts share the essentials to wear, carry, or throw into your carry-on bag before any long-haul flight. Consider this your overnight flight survival kit:

  1. Eye drops and nasal spray

“There’s a reason overnight flights are called red-eyes!  I always pack lubricating eye drops as well as saline nasal spray. My nose and eyes dry out quickly on long flights (especially if I can’t tear myself away from a really good book or movie), and keeping them moist helps me feel more comfortable.” — Sarah Schlichter, senior editor, Independent Traveler

  1. A bottle of water

“I always bring a water bottle that I’ve filled up at the airport, and I then have the flight attendants refill it for me during the flight. It’s nice not to have to wait for periodic drink service when I’m thirsty.” —Eric Stoen, founder, Travel Babbo

  1. Cozy kit

“I can’t get on an overnight flight without what I call my cozy kit: moisturizer, slipper socks, yoga pants, and a warm sweater. There’s nothing nice about losing a night of sleep in an airless tube on a compressed chair, so whatever I can do to keep my body comfortable is what makes the overnight tolerable.” —Pavia Rosati, founder and CEO, Fathom

  1. Sleep kit

“I swear by the trifecta of SleepPhones—a headband with built-in headphones that are flat enough to sleep on—for listening to soothing white noise, a contoured sleep mask, and a mild sleeping pill or antihistamine. Without these three things, I can’t even nap; with them, I get enough sleep to arrive at my destination ready to start a new day.” —Christine Sarkis, senior editor, Smarter Travel

  1. Really comfortable shoes

“If you take your shoes off overnight, your feet swell up and you can’t get back into them. And I hate padding around an airplane in slippers or socks. So I want a pair of shoes I can leave on all night. I usually choose a pair of really soft leather loafers or Vans-type slip-on sneakers.” —Joe Brancatelli, editor and publisher, Joe Sent Me

  1. Wipes

“Baby wipes are good for a million things, including cooling down, taking off make-up, cleaning up little messes, and freshening up.” —Angela K. Nickerson, founder, Pining for Rome

  1. A sleep aid

“On overnight flights, melatonin is my best friend. It’s a natural sleep agent that makes me groggy enough to snooze but without the threat of a sleeping pill hangover when I need to get up.” —Susan Portnoy, writer and photographer, The Insatiable Traveler

  1. Decongestant

“Decongestant in a blister pack, just in case the air gets stuffy and clogs sinuses, or to protect ears in case of continuing turbulence or air-pressure changes.” —Toby Saltzman, writer, travelterrific

  1. iPad

“I load it up with magazines, courtesy of the Texture app, and binge-watcheable television series. A solitaire app is also invaluable for tuning out thoughts of ‘Why can’t I get some sleep?’” —Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor in chief, Cruise Critic

  1. Food

“Snacks, snacks…and more snacks!” —Angela Petitt, SabatticalScapes

We’d love to hear: What helps you survive an overnight flight?

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