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Bali Vacation Rentals

Bali Vacation Rental Homes – Tranquil Luxury in Private Gardens

It’s not surprising that the place christened “Island of the Gods” presents so many beautiful vacation villa rentals. Regardless of location, each beach rental and garden retreat seems to mirror the splendor of the island. Some have banks of French doors opening to huge verandahs and seaside pools. Think Balinese architecture, minimalist décor with softly draped poster beds, tropical gardens and serene ponds with views to the mountains and sea beyond. Many are fully staffed with every comfort considered – even a car and driver to deliver you to local shops and restaurants or on leisurely day trips. There simply is no better way to enjoy Bali than from your private vacation sanctuary.

The Balinese land and culture

A deeply Hindu culture, the Balinese always link the spiritual relationships between God, human and environment. Bali traditions spill through manicured landscapes and theatres, artist sculptures and temples around every corner. On balance, Bali also hosts partying Australians, surfing college kids and active families looking for a taste of Eden. Bali is 95 miles wide and spans 69 miles from north to south, with a treasure trove of natural attractions – volcanic hills and mountains, rapid rivers and silken beaches, rice terraces and tropical monkey forests. Sophisticated arts are also a distinct part of the culture, where you will enjoy elegant museums and Indonesian paintings and leatherworking. For an authentic Balinese experience, be sure to go to the Bali Agung Theatre for exceptional music and beautiful dancers. Elaborate spa treatments offer yet another calming experience.

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