Vacation Rentals and Cabin Rentals in Nebraska, United States

Nebraska Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals in Nebraska

Nebraska has something for everyone. From cowboys to wine industry, you’ll find many attractions when you visit this Great Plains state. And we can help you find the perfect vacation rental in Nebraska so you can enjoy your trip. We’ve even got unbiased user reviews of vacation rentals let you book with confidence, even if you’re new to renting a vacation home. You can trust the opinions of guests who’ve come here before you! We also have special deals for budget vacation rentals in Nebraska.

Many diverse family attractions

If you are planning a family vacation to Nebraska, you won’t want to miss the Lincoln Children's Zoo in the state capital. Featuring more than 400 animals, you and the kids can see Amur leopards, Bactrian camels, river otters, eagles, crocodiles, reindeer, and more. At the zoo’s Butterfly Pavilion you can watch as butterflies emerge from their cocoon. The Aquacourt Family Water Park in Hastings features a wave pool, climbing wall and waterslides. In Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city, you won’t want to miss the Omaha Children's Museum.