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Vacation Rentals in St. Barthelemy, Caribbean

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All St. Barthelemy Rentals
If you are planning a vacation on St. Barthelemy, you undoubtedly understand the island’s reputation as the pricey French Riviera of the Caribbean. “St. Barts” offers magnificent villas with panoramic views of yacht-filled harbors, as well as sophisticated hillside 1 and 2-bedroom villas overlooking the beach. Some offer pre-trip concierge services to assure your comfort on arrival.
St. Barthelemy
Despite the revolving door of high-profile celebrity visitors, this petite French island still radiates chic sophistication and a distinctly casual island air. Hip wine bars, gourmet restaurants and exotic shopping may try, but they simply can’t compete with the greatest attraction - the silky white beaches and aqua blue waters all around the island. Though the terrain is rocky and hilly, there are at least 15 beaches suitable for swimming, boating, kite boarding and any number of tantalizing water sports (particularly St. Jean beach has many water sport facilities). The leeward beaches are calmer and more protected by land, while the windward beaches are a magnet for windsurfing.
Island Destinations
The island manages to blend quaint customs and quiet individuality with doses of jet setting excitement. Along the hillsides, colorful cottages with overflowing flower boxes bow to the island’s heritage. In the little village of Corossol, perhaps you’ll purchase a homemade basket from a shy “grand mere” in a starched white bonnet, as old Norman and Breton customs continue. Or you might do a gourmet brunch al fresco at the Sand Bar at the Eden Rock Hotel or welcome the setting sun at Do Brazil on Shell Beach in Gustavia. The trendy bistro and bar offers a diverse menu from Chicken Caesar Salads from 21 Euros to lightly grilled beef at 37 Euros. Indulgent shoppers hit Le Carre d’Or, an upscale mall with luxury boutiques.
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For your St. Barts getaway, you can relax in style in your carefully chosen villa – perhaps one in Grand Cul de Sac with an expansive terrace, gazebo and pool overlooking the lagoon or a cliffside home overlooking the sea. With hundreds of vacation homes available, you will be able to choose with confidence by reviewing our complete information and unbiased guest comments.