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"Don't Just Visit" Ad Contest Winners
We asked you, the TripAdvisor community, to show us your take on our "Don't Just Visit" TV ad campaign, and your fun and creative entries blew us away. Congratulations to these phenomenal winners!
"Fargo" by TripAdvisor members Jason Graisa and Curt Donohue
$1,000 Runner-Up Prize Winners
"New York" by TripAdvisor member Melody Beam
"Paris" by TripAdvisor member Christopher Osmont
"Pet Friendly" by TripAdvisor member Oscar Lopez
"Sydney Animated" by TripAdvisor member Carolyn Duchene
"Sydney Construction" by TripAdvisor member Scott Wood
New $25,000 ad contest!
Tell your own TripAdvisor story! For our new TV ad contest, submit your video showing how TripAdvisor made a big difference in finding you the right hotel.