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TripCollective Badges:

What they are and how to receive them

TripCollective badges recognize you for your unique contributions that make our travel community stronger, smarter, better. They appear next to your reviews and other posts, in your profile, or both.

Have you contributed in the past? View your profile now to see badges you may have already earned.

Reviewer badges
Publish your first review and collect your New Reviewer badge. Publish two more after that, and you'll get your next Reviewer badge. Then keep going! The more you write, the higher level badge you can receive.
Add a Review
New Reviewer 1reviews
Reviewer 3reviews
Senior Reviewer 5reviews
Contributor 10reviews
Senior Contributor 20reviews
Top Contributor more than50reviews
Expertise badges
Show off your unique knowledge! Publish reviews in a single category – hotels, restaurants, or attractions – and get an Expertise badge. Don’t stop there! Every time you add three reviews within one category, you’ll receive an upgraded Expertise badge in that category.
Offer Your Expertise

Hotel Expert

Restaurant Expert

Attraction Expert
Passport badge
This badge recognizes you for being a world traveler. Once you’ve added reviews for places in at least two destinations, you’ll get your Passport badge. Easy as that!
Add Your World Wisdom

Passport Badge
Helpful Votes badge
This is a special honor awarded by the Tripadvisor community. When travelers find your reviews particularly useful, they can give you helpful votes. Every time you receive a certain number of helpful votes, you’ll receive an upgraded Helpful Votes badge.
Share Helpful Advice
1helpful vote
5helpful votes
10helpful votes
25helpful votes
50helpful votes
every100helpful votes thereafter
Explorer badge
Collect your Explorer badge for being one of the first to review a hotel, restaurant, or attraction in a given language. There’s no limit to the number of Explorer reviews you can write.
Be the First

Explorer Badge
Travelers' Choice Reviewer badge
This is awarded when a property that you’ve favorably reviewed – or the destination in which it's located – goes on to win a Travelers' Choice Award. The Travelers' Choice Awards honor favorite hotels, attractions, restaurants and destinations worldwide, based on millions of traveler reviews.
Review Your Favorite

Travelers’ Choice Reviewer Badge
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