Get Your Business on Tripadvisor

How to get listed and start collecting reviews on Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is the world’s largest travel site, with millions of travelers visiting each month to research and plan their perfect trip. Accommodations, restaurants and attractions can be listed on Tripadvisor for free!  Being on Tripadvisor will increase your business’ exposure to a large, qualified audience and give you access to many free marketing tools. Getting listed is easy – let’s get started.

How can your business get listed?

There are two ways: a representative from your business can request a listing, or a Tripadvisor user can write a review of your property and initiate a listing.

Before you request a listing, go to to see if a traveler has already added your business to Tripadvisor. Type the name of your business in the box. If it appears in the results drop down, a traveler has already initiated a listing. Select your business from the drop down and then click the “Claim Your Business” button to confirm that you are affiliated with the property.

If your business is already listed, you should claim that listing as your own instead of creating a new one. Tripadvisor only allows one listing per property. For more details on how to claim your listing and access the Management Center, where you can manage your Tripadvisor listing and reviews, see our Quick Start Guide.

Request a listing

If your business is not listed on Tripadvisor yet, there won’t be any matches in the drop-down search results. In that case, click the “Get listed now” link below the search box. This will bring you to a page where you can request a listing for your property.

You’ll need to provide a few different types of information about your business to get started. Tripadvisor editors will use this information to confirm that your business meets our listing criteria and to determine the best category for it on the site. Please complete the request form with as much detail as possible to help us accurately list your business. Read below for more information about each section of the form.

Your information

The “Your information” section helps us verify your relationship with the business. Provide your name, connection with the business, and email address. Make sure your email address is correct because we’ll send you a message when your listing is published on Tripadvisor. Then you can register your affiliation with the property to take advantage of free tools.

Listing information for your property

Next, you’ll provide information for your business including your company’s official name and address. Once you’ve typed your address, place the marker on the correct location on the map. Your property’s mapped location will be shown to travelers on the site as they plan their trips. You’ll need to add your company’s website and phone number as well. 

Keep in mind that Tripadvisor editors use your website or a partner’s website (like a tourist board or reservations partner) to confirm the information you provide. So, it’s very important that the data you submit in your listing request matches your website and other resources.

Property details

We’ll also need you to answer some detailed questions about your type of property. These help us make sure we’re displaying your business in the right category and including as much relevant information as possible. For more specifics on your particular type of property, check out the categories below:

Accommodations: As an accommodation owner, your property will be listed on the Tripadvisor accommodations section for your destination. There are some specific items you’ll need to provide so we can put you in the correct category within that section:

  • Total number of rooms
  • Price range
  • Minimum stay requirements
  • If you have on-site staff and security
  • If room cleaning is included
  • Front desk staffing details
  • If bathrooms are en suite

You’ll also be able to provide additional information on amenities including whether your property offers complimentary breakfast, suites, tennis/golf, beach/pool access, fitness center, internet access, etc. These details will be added to the “Amenities” portion of your listing and will help travelers research what they can expect at your accommodation. We use these characteristics, as well as official, local classifications, to determine if your property should be listed in the Hotels, B&B/Inns, or Specialty Lodging category on Tripadvisor.

For more information, read our accommodation listing guidelines here.

Restaurants: Restaurant listings appear on the Restaurants section of Tripadvisor. Individual restaurants that are open to the public can be listed. You’ll be asked to provide the category of your restaurant (sit down, café, or fast food), type of cuisine, pricing, and any special features. These items will appear on your listing page and will help travelers decide to dine at your restaurant.

Read our full restaurant listing guidelines here.

For more information and advice on how restaurants can get the most out of Tripadvisor, click here.

Attractions: You’ll need to select a category that best describes your attraction. If your business isn’t a fit for any of the attraction types that are listed, select “Other." You can also provide your recommended length of visit, pricing information and details on other amenities (bathroom facilities, lockers, etc.).

In order for a property to be listed on Tripadvisor in the Attractions section, it must be a permanent place of interest (not seasonal or short-term) with an official name, address and phone number. The attraction’s hours or regular departure times must be available on a website or brochure, along with scheduled departure locations (if they vary). Tour companies may qualify as an attraction if they operate their own tours, are licensed/recognized by the local city or tourism officials, and have a website.

For more information, read our guidelines for attractions here. 

Add a property description

A description helps travelers learn more about your business. It must be written in your local language and cannot include any HTML coding, phone numbers, web/email addresses or text in ALL CAPS. It’s best to keep this description short, so guests can scan the key highlights you’ve provided and make a decision.

Choose a photo

Providing a photo of your business helps you make a strong first impression with travelers. We’ll display this on your listing page. The photo needs to be a .jpg or .gif (common photo formats). We can’t accept images with borders, logos or files that are larger than 100kb.

Submit the listing

Once you’ve confirmed that all of the information you’ve added is correct, check the box at the bottom of the form to verify that you are a representative of the business, the information you’ve submitted is valid and that you have the rights to post the image you’ve provided. Then click the ‘Submit’ button to complete the process.

Next steps

Once you request your listing, Tripadvisor editors will verify your details and confirm that your property meets the guidelines for the business type you’ve selected. This typically takes about 5 business days.

Last Updated: April 6, 2016