Drive mobile bookings with these TripBarometer insights

TripBarometer, the world’s largest accommodation and traveler survey1, takes a close look at The Connected Traveler trend.

Want to make the right calls for engaging travelers who use their mobile phone to plan and book travel?

Then take a look at these insights based on TripBarometer survey responses from more than 40,000 travelers and hoteliers around the globe. You’ll be better prepared to reach the lucrative Connected Travelers segment, or travelers who are keen on planning and booking travel on their smartphone.

Connected Travelers care more about your reviews and ratings than amenities and promotions.
Not only do Connected Travelers put more emphasis on reviews and ratings compared to other travelers, but they even care more about them than other booking drivers.

In fact, here’s a sample of what travelers find very important when choosing where to book:

Ratings/scores on review sites

  • Connected Travelers: 59%
  • Overall travelers: 53%

TripAdvisor reviews

  • Connected Travelers: 58%
  • Overall travelers: 53%

Recommendations from friends

  • Connected Travelers: 49%
  • Overall travelers: 45%

Accommodation amenities

  • Connected Travelers: 44%
  • Overall travelers: 40%

Promotions or discounts

  • Connected Travelers: 39%
  • Overall travelers: 36%

Emerging markets have a higher proportion of Connected Travelers.

If your guests tend to come from the following markets, you should strongly consider investing more in mobile marketing:

  1. Thailand – 65%
  2. China – 65%
  3. Brazil – 59%
  4. Indonesia – 59%
  5. Malaysia – 53%
  6. Italy – 49%
  7. USA – 48%
  8. India – 47%
  9. Australia – 47%
  10. Russia – 44%

Where are Connected Travelers planning to visit this year?
Here are the destinations most popular with Connected Travelers:

  1. China – 61%
  2. Australia – 57%
  3. Thailand – 55%
  4. Italy – 54%
  5. UK – 53%
  6. Germany – 53%
  7. USA – 53%
  8. Spain – 53%
  9. Caribbean – 52%
  10. Canada – 52%

Connected Travelers are more influenced by user-generated content.
Compared to the average global traveler, Connected Travelers are significantly more likely to make decisions based on recommendations from others.

Influenced by TripAdvisor

  • Connected Travelers: 45%
  • Overall travelers: 38%

Influenced by word of mouth

  • Connected Travelers: 32%
  • Overall travelers: 27%

Influenced by online content from friends

  • Connected Travelers: 29%
  • Overall travelers: 24%

Influenced by travel guide websites

  • Connected Travelers: 19%
  • Overall travelers: 16%

Connected Travelers plan activities in advance – and book directly.

Not only are Connected Travelers more likely to book activities in advance, they’re also big into booking directly. While laptops are still the most common method for booking (55%), mobile booking isn’t far behind at 45% for Connected Travelers.

Hoteliers are making inroads with providing mobile amenities.
There are significant gaps between what Connected Travelers want and what accommodations are offering today. Luckily, this presents assorted opportunities – especially for chains.

Most importantly, 45% of Connected Travelers want a mobile app with booking functionality, yet only 16% of accommodations provide this. Similarly, 34% of Connected Travelers want mobile check-in, with just 11% of accommodations offering the time-saving convenience.

Also note that 64% of connected travelers want power adapters or converters provided, with 49% of accommodations following suit. Along the same lines, 60% of Connected Travelers like when accommodations offer chargers for assorted smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, only 35% of properties meet this need.

1 Data based on results from online survey of 10,261 accommodations and 34,016 travelers by TripAdvisor and Ipsos, collected January-February 2015.

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Last Updated: July 8, 2015