Babymooning: a new travel trend

The ABC’s of making your business babymoon-friendly

As expecting parents prepare for their new arrival, many hope to work in one last vacation. That trip, which celebrates this approaching milestone, is the babymoon. However, few companies in the tourism industry are catering to this audience of two and a half travelers. 

As an expecting father planning a babymoon, I turned to the women on Baby Center's forum to better understand what pregnant women want. One expecting mother had posed her dilemma to the community: Should she spend a romantic babymoon away with her husband or reserve that money for the forthcoming baby? 

Of the 24 different soon-to-be mothers who had responded, everyone favored some variation of a babymoon, whether it was an all-inclusive resort in the tropics or a quaint bed and breakfast in the mountains. Most interesting, location always took a back seat to feeling. Future moms didn't care about place, they wanted the babymoon to be relaxing, romantic and a chance to celebrate that last real alone time together.

Here are some of the things that resorts and hotels can do to make their business babymoon-friendly. Let's call them the ABCs of babymooning:


The vibe must be relaxing, romantic, and allow for a couple's seclusion. My pregnant wife and I visited St. Barth for these very reasons and we enjoyed all of these elements at the Tom Beach Hotel. During the day, we strolled St. Jean beach, took dips in the Caribbean, and kicked back on lounge chairs, reading our literature on parenting. It was to our liking because the property didn't offer all of the attractions that sometimes cause distractions. Like the Tom Beach Hotel, it's also a good idea for accommodations to rethink their nonalcoholic beverage selection. While I drank mixed drinks, my wife enjoyed fresh-pressed juice, which was a more salubrious alternative to the common beachside pregnant cocktail: a sugary, virgin pina colada. And this brings us to B.

Baby First

After all, the trip is meant to be a healthful and stress-free experience for the mother and her unborn child. So you'll want to offer healthy food and good living. When we had stayed at the Balinese resort Maya Ubud pre-pregnancy, we ate organic foods and practiced yoga each morning, (though if you're looking to offer a yoga service, instructors should be trained to teach pre-natal yoga). On a second babymoon trip to the Finger Lakes, innkeepers at the Black Sheep Inn focused on the little things and catered specifically to my wife's needs. They asked her about her diet, slightly modified their breakfasts, and helped us plan an itinerary suitable to our needs. It doesn't have to cost properties anything to put baby and mother first.


The last thing that couples want to do on a babymoon, as they are gearing up for one of the greatest joys and expenses of their lives, is to worry about their accounting on vacation. Too many places nickel and dime visitors after they arrive. A babymoon should be delivered as a package, so that the costs are handled up front and there are no surprises in the end.

Some hotels and resorts are addressing all of these ABCs by providing unique services specifically for babymooners, some of which include professional photography of the baby bump, candlelit baths for two, 24-hour catering in accordance with the mother-to-be's cravings, recognizing dad with a good cigar and whiskey, and couple's spa treatments. While many expecting mothers consider an all-inclusive experience a good option, they do not want an all-inclusive that caters to partiers or a resort that attempts to appeal to all. 

It's important to remember that for a package to appeal to expecting parents, it needs to focus on these ABCs.

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Last Updated: October 21, 2013