Your Instant Booking Quick Start Guide

Start capturing bookings made directly on the world’s largest travel site – in just four simple steps.  

For the first time, millions of travelers can book on TripAdvisor without leaving the site.  Instant booking provides a simple way for you to capture a share of this business on a pay-per-booking commission basis.

Here’s how it works:
​TripAdvisor collaborates with your connectivity partner to display your live rates and availability – right on your property page. Travelers click the “Book on TripAdvisor” button to seamlessly complete their transaction on TripAdvisor. The booking process is fully optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms in 48 languages and many global currencies

Once the reservation is complete, you own the relationship with the customer. The booking details are passed to you through your connectivity partner. You only pay for the booking after the traveler completes their stay and it’s easy to track your performance in the Instant Booking Performance Center.

Ready to capture more bookings from the world’s largest travel site? Four simple steps are all it takes – no expertise required:

1. Confirm eligibility

The first step is to check here to see if you’re eligible for instant booking. Confirm your property name and connectivity partner. Then click “Get Started.”

Can’t get started? To be eligible, your connectivity partner must be instant booking-certified. Check to see if your connectivity partner is signed up here.

2. Verify Connectivity Partner information

Next, verify that the information we’re receiving from your connectivity partner is correct. This ensures that travelers are seeing accurate information about your available rooms and rates.

Confirm your property's name, address and website. Next, check that the room types in the table are actually available for the selected search dates and that the correct rates (including taxes & fees) are displayed. Also, confirm that the cancellation policy is accurate.

Note - without the base rate, taxes and cancellation policy, travelers may not book your rooms! Make sure that you are providing this information through your connectivity partner. If you don’t separate taxes and fees from your base rate, the setup tool can estimate them for you.

Keep in mind, to give travelers the best possible booking experience, your rates must be the same or better than those of your other distribution partners. If your direct pricing isn’t competitive, your rates and availability may not appear.

If everything looks good, click “Correct.” Otherwise, select “Incorrect” for more support.

3. Choose your share of traveler views and commission rate

A traveler view occurs each time “Book on TripAdvisor” appears for your property in search results. Sometimes travelers will be viewing your rates; other times they will be seeing your distribution partners’ rates. Instant booking gives you the chance to capture half of these traveler views, as well as the bookings those views generate, with the 15% commission rate. Or you can choose a lower 12% commission rate to get a quarter of all traveler views, and any resulting bookings. It’s up to you – choose an option and then click “Continue.”

4. Add your payment method

Finally, add your payment method, or confirm that the one on file is correct. No charge will be made to your account at this point, although we will verify the payment method to ensure that it is valid. Then accept the Terms and Conditions and click “Complete sign up.”

Instant booking is a commission-based product. This means no up-front investment, no long-term contracts and no risk to you. You’re only charged for bookings that turn into stays.

You’ll be invoiced on a monthly basis, with each billed item reflecting a completed stay that was booked via instant booking in the previous month. You’ll have the opportunity to review these bookings, and their associated charges, and make any necessary adjustments based on booking changes before your payment is due. For more information on the payment process read our guide here.

Learn more about Instant Booking

Learn more about Instant Booking

Last Updated: December 3, 2014