How to Optimize Your Tripadvisor Attraction Listing

An attraction listing on Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel site, is a great opportunity to connect with potential customers. Optimizing your listing can help you appeal to travelers and give your business an edge over your competition. Here are eight tips to help you get started.

1.  Confirm and edit your attraction's information

  • Confirm that all of the details on your listing are correct. In order to make these, and other changes, you’ll need to register as an owner if you haven’t already. Registering is easy and fast!
  • Once you’ve registered, double-check that your business’ name, address, phone number, links to your website and email are correct. Any edits can be made in the Management Center by clicking "Profile" in the top menu and selecting "Manage Listing." This will allow you to update or add information, and as an official representative of the business, your edits will override any existing content.
  • You should also add a description of your property. Use this space to add some rich details that will help distinguish you from your competitors. Including information about opening times, seasonal activities, suitability for children or groups, etc. Add anything that will help travelers select your attraction. A traveler can also add a description for your listing if you haven’t provided one. However, when you submit your own description, the ‘Traveler Description’ will be replaced by your ‘Owner Description’.

2.  Upload photos

  • Travelers want to know what to expect at your attraction. The more photos on your listing, the more engaged they will be with your listing. Recent studies show that businesses with 30 or more photos have 41% more traveler engagement than those with 10 or fewer1.
  • As an owner, you are entitled to upload an unlimited number of images. Make sure you let travelers see what they can look forward to, whether it’s an adventurous walking tour or a beautiful outdoor park.  Once you have some photos, select one as your primary photo to help you make a strong first impression with travelers. You can manage your attraction’s photos through the Management Center. For more information, read our guide to managing photos.

3.  Get your listing on the map

Maps help visitors place your attraction within the area they are visiting and better plan their trip. If your listing is not located on the map, or your business is displayed in the wrong location, you can update it through the Management Center:

  1. Under the Profile menu at the top click “Manage Listing”
  2. Select the “Location” tab from the menu on the left
  3. Update your street address and postal code, click “Submit.” Please note, if your city/town or state/province is incorrect you will need to follow these instructions.
  4. Then, click “Verify Map Pin” and drop the pin in the correct location - we suggest your main entrance or parking lot.
  5. Click “Confirm.” Your location will be updated on the site within 24 hours.

4.  Add booking links to your listing

Tripadvisor has partnered with some external companies to allow travelers to make bookings directly from your listing. If you would like to get a ‘Book Now’ link on your listing, register your business on Viator. If you’re already a Viator supply partner, add more products here (sites available in English only).

5.  Encourage customers to write reviews

The more reviews your attraction has, the more content there is for travelers to consider before they finalize their plans. The more recent those reviews, the fresher and more relevant the content is to those potential visitors. There are many tools in the Management Center to help you encourage travelers to write reviews, including widgets, our Review Express email platform, custom cards, and flyers.

6.  Add a widget to your website

One great way to spread the news about your listing is to add a Tripadvisor widget to your own website. Widgets can showcase your reviews and encourage guests to write new ones. Go to to find widgets for your attraction and check out this guide for more information on installing them.

7.  Showcase your Tripadvisor listing

Want your existing customers or passersby to know you’re listed on Tripadvisor? Request a Tripadvisor Sticker for your front window to show customers that you value their opinions and encourage them to review your property. You can also take advantage of other tools in the Management Center under “Free Tools”. If you’ve won a Traveler’s Choice Award or Certificate of Excellence, you can also request special stickers or plaques in the Management Center.

8.  Respond to reviews

We strongly recommend that business owners monitor their reviews and respond to select ones by writing Management Responses. If you receive a negative review, a Management Response demonstrates that you take customer service seriously and gives you an opportunity to explain how you have remedied any problems. A Management Response to a positive review shows that you’re paying attention and appreciate customer feedback. Regularly replying to reviews can differentiate your business and give you a competitive edge. For more tips on this, read our guide on How to respond to traveler reviews on Tripadvisor.

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Optimize your attraction on Tripadvisor

Optimize your attraction on Tripadvisor

Last Updated: August 1, 2017