TripAdvisor Business Advantage for Accommodations

Business Advantage empowers accommodations to attract and engage potential guests – and influence their booking decisions.

Business Advantage represents an evolution of our Business Listings subscription product, which originally launched in 2010. Business Listings were designed to help accommodations drive more results from their TripAdvisor pages. In working with our customers over several years, we learned that they needed a more holistic solution to unleash the full potential of TripAdvisor for their businesses. Based on their feedback and our own traveler data, we developed Business Advantage.  

Business Advantage empowers accommodations to better market themselves to potential guests, impact booking decisions, differentiate from competitors and measure and improve their online reputations. Its feature set includes a Media Suite, Promotional Features and a best-in-class Analytics Suite.  

What's included in Business Advantage?

Promotional Features: Instantly share Contact Details and influence booking decisions with guests online and on–the–go.

  • Contact Details: Put millions of potential guests one click or call away from booking with you
    • Property page: Choose three points of contact – phone number, email or website URLS – to your property's TripAdvisor listing page
    • Mobile Click-to-Call: Make it easy for guests to contact you — and tap into the fast–growing mobile marketplace — by activating one–click calling from any mobile device when you choose a phone number as one of your Contact Details.
    • Search Links: Include your hotel website link in search results pages on high–profile TripAdvisor pages
  • Special Offers: Stand out from your competitors by sharing exclusive offers on desktop and mobile
  • Announcements: Attract traveler attention by sharing your property's latest news
  • Favorite Reviews: Showcase a great recent review near the top of your TripAdvisor page

Learn more about the promotional features available to subscribers here.

Media Suite: Capture the attention of guests — and stand apart from competitors — with enhanced photo and video tools that showcase your business at its best.

  • Storyboard: A promotional preview that blends together your best photos and top reviews
  • Favorite Photos: Use your best photos to inspire and motivate guests to choose your property by highlighting them in your photo carousel and media viewers
  • Cover Photos: Present your property how you want guests to see it by customizing the album covers on your listing
  • Property Videos: Post dynamic videos on TripAdvisor — and bring your property to life for potential guests

Learn more about features included in the Media Suite here.

Analytics Suite: Leverage in–depth TripAdvisor data on your property, competitors and online visitors to drive key business decisions — and create better guest experiences

  • Overview: Use extensive TripAdvisor data to drive business decisions, manage your online reputation & enhance guest experiences
  • Reputation Insights: Measure against competitors on key reputation indicators
  • Market Position: Find out how traffic and rankings are changing in your market
  • Click Activity: Discover what travelers care most about by tracking clicks
  • Photos & Amenities: See how potential guests engage with your TripAdvisor photos — and how your amenities stack up against your competitors’
  • Demand Trends: Learn where your TripAdvisor visitors are coming from — and what they look for
  • Telephone Lead Management: Measure phone traffic by adding a unique phone number to your property page

Learn more about the Business Advantage Analytics Suite here.

What does it cost?

Business Advantage is a subscription–based product. The exact price of a Business Advantage subscription is tailored to each property based on a variety of factors such as location, size, etc. Properties should discuss specific pricing with their TripAdvisor consultants.

Learn more about Business Advantage

Learn more about Business Advantage

Last Updated: August 17, 2017