Updating Payment Information on Tripadvisor

Step-by-step instructions on updating your property’s payment information on Tripadvisor.

Updating payment information for your property is simple and can be done online. Follow the steps below to learn how to update this information across all Tripadvisor paid products.

Updating your payment information

  1. Go to www.tripadvisor.com/Owners to log into the Management Center.
  2. Hover over the “Help & Settings” menu at the top of the page, click "Billing and Payments.”
  3. On the right-hand side, under “Billing Information” click the “Update” link.
  4. Enter in your new credit card, update your method of payment or billing information and click “Save.”

How long will this take?

Your updated payment information will appear immediately. If you have any outstanding payments, we’ll charge your account within 24 hours.

Who is the billing owner?

The billing owner is the person who manages payments to Tripadvisor. It’s typically the person who purchased or last renewed your Tripadvisor subscription, or the person who initially set up instant booking. You can see who has access to manage your commercial products by visiting the Manage User Access page. To access this page, log into your Management Center and under the "Help & Settings" tab in the top menu, select "Manage User Access." On this page, you'll see a full list of all users registered to your Tripadvisor page. You'll also see their Tripadvisor usernames, email addresses, affiliations to your business, and the products they have access to (if applicable).

Can I have multiple cards on file with Tripadvisor?

Yes, you can keep multiple cards on file. However, only one credit card may be set as the default for payments. The billing owner for your property can update the selected default card at any time.

I don’t see the "Billing & Payment" option. What should I do?

You’re probably not registered with Tripadvisor as the billing owner of your property. In this case, you should ask the billing owner to log into the Management Center and update the payment information using the steps above.

If that person should no longer be managing billing and payments, you can submit a request via the Management Center to have the billing owner status shifted to someone else.

For owners with a Business Advantage subscription:

  1. Visit the Management Center.
  2. In the Contact Tripadvisor box click "Get online help.” 
  3. Under "Please tell me what the issue is” box, select “Business Advantage.”
  4. Select "Update Account Access Permissions" as the subtopic.
  5. In the Comments box please include all details of the switch you'd like to make.

For owners with instant booking:

  1. Visit the Management Center.
  2. In the Contact Tripadvisor box click "Get online help."
  3. Under “Please tell us what the issue is,” select “Instant Booking.”
  4. Choose “Billing and Payment Questions.” 
  5. Explain your request in the Comments box.

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Update your payment information

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Update your payment information

Last Updated: June 15, 2016