The One Thing Your Management Response Must Do

A review on your property has come in. You’ve read it, shared the feedback with your team and implemented ways to address any issues. You sit down to write your Management Response, but you don’t know where to start.

Sometimes there’s just too much to say, or maybe you’re struggling to write anything at all. In times like these, it helps to remember that there’s really just one thing your Management Response must do:

Address the unknown

88% of users say reviews have an impact on their accommodation choices1, they often use reviews to narrow their choices. When reviews surface an issue, it can open a line of questions in travelers’ minds. The unknown answers can weigh heavily on their planning and cause them to lose confidence in your property.

The good news is that you have an easy way to remedy this uncertainty – by writing a Management Response. There’s no better place to address the unknown and rebuild traveler confidence.

Write a confidence-building response

Reply to the original review with a Management Response. Below are four questions to help you craft a confidence-building response:

  • Who am I writing this for? We often see responses directed toward the reviewer and her specific concerns. Keep in mind that your real audience is both the reviewer and the wider Tripadvisor population of 455 million monthly visitors. Don’t forget to consider how the specific details in the review apply to the average traveler, what their concerns might be after reading it and the additional questions that this review might raise
  • Am I addressing their core concerns? Respond to the concerns in the original review in a way that appeals to the larger group and answers as many of their questions as possible. Concentrate on the ones that have the biggest impact for future guests. If you’ve already remedied the problem, or have a plan in place to address it, be sure to include that in your response.
  • Am I showing that we care? Every traveler has different preferences but they all want to know that you care. When potential guests read reviews, they are putting themselves in the shoes of the writer. If you didn’t quite deliver during the original guests’ stay, talk about the specific changes you’re making so you’ll do even better in the future. Readers will see your commitment to service and their confidence will build.
  • Are we truly sorry? A well-placed, heartfelt apology is never wrong and shows empathy to past and future guests. The key is to really mean it. There’s nothing worse than the “We’re sorry, but…” That “but” essentially negates everything that comes before it and casts doubt on your entire response.

>> Tip: Travelers are looking for patterns. If the same issue keeps coming up in multiple reviews, it’s more important than ever to tell your full customer service and problem-solving story.

You have the power

Property representatives often tell us that their Management Responses help them win business. Travelers know that it’s possible to have an off day – properties cannot be perfect all of the time. They look to your response to see how you rise after falling, and confirm that this isn’t a broader issue. Show them your empathy, your commitment to service and what you can offer them!

Start addressing the unknown - write a Management Response today! Log in to the Management Center and under the "Reviews" menu at the top, select "Respond to Reviews" to get started.

  • 1. TripBarometer 2015

Write a Management Response today!

Write a Management Response today!

Last Updated: December 26, 2017