How to Add Special Offers to Your TripAdvisor Listing

Step-by-step directions on setting up your Special Offer

A Special Offer is a deal or promotion that your accommodation can post on TripAdvisor as part of your subscription. Use Special Offers to capture guest attention and promote your business on the world's largest travel site.

They're a great opportunity to fill rooms that would otherwise go unsold during the off-season, weekdays, or other quiet times for your property.

Where do Special Offers appear on TripAdvisor?

Special Offers appear on each of TripAdvisor’s 49 domains, localized in 28 languages, on your property's listing page and in location search results.

Set up a Special Offer in three easy steps

Ready to set up your Special Offer? Business Listings* subscribers: First, log into the Management Center and click "Manage your Business Listings" from your homepage. Then, click "Post a Special Offer" and on the next page, select "Get started." For Business Advantage subscribers: click "Manage Business Advantage" from your homepage. Then, in the Special Offers section, click "Click to Update." 

Don’t see the "Post a Special Offer" link? Your account may not be authorized to make these changes. Please ask the Billing Owner of your subscription to contact their TripAdvisor representative and request this access on your behalf.

Tip: If you want to re-activate a Special Offer you've used in the past click "Past Offers" to view and update an old one.

**Beginning in January 2017, Business Listings will be replaced by an exciting, new subscription product for accommodations: TripAdvisor Business Advantage. Learn more here.

Step 1: Choose a Special Offer Category

There are four options: “Room Rate,” “Food & Beverage,” “Local Offers” and “Package.”

To better classify your Special Offer, please select a subcategory for “Room Rate,” “Food & Beverage” or “Local Offer.”

Room Rate:

  • % Off Room
  • $ Off Room
  • Special Rate
  • Room Upgrade
  • Loyalty Points

Food and Beverage:

  • Meal Credit
  • Free Bottle
  • Free Breakfast

Local Offers:

  • Free Parking
  • Tickets

Some subcategories will also have more specific fields, such as the exact percentage or discount off the base room rate, the type of tickets for a “Local Offer” (tour, public transit, attraction), or how much of a meal credit you want to give.

Once all required fields are filled out for your Special Offer, click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Fill in the details

Next, add the details for your offer:

  • Image: We recommend that you include an image of your property on your Special Offer coupon.
  • Headline: Choose whether you would like to use a suggested headline or customize your own. If you create your Special Offer on, the custom headline will only appear on that domain. The suggested headline will be used for all other domains.
  • Description: Write a description. Include terms, conditions, blackout dates, and instructions on redemption process.
  • Redemption instructions: Select how guests can redeem the offer: at check-in, via email, by phone or online (select all that apply). Please note if you select “Online” you will be required to provide a URL. Similarly, if you select “Email” you must provide an email address and subject line.
  • Offer code: We recommend using an “Offer Code” if possible to help facilitate tracking. See more information in this guide.
  • Valid days of the week: Select which days of the week the Special Offer is valid.
  • Redemption dates: Select the dates this Special Offer can be redeemed.
  • Dates to display on TripAdvisor: Schedule exactly when your Special Offer should be visible. You can even schedule it to start in the future -- any time within the next year.

Once all required information is filled out, click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Review and post your Special Offer

Preview what your Special Offer will look like. Be sure to compare it against the Special Offer checklist on the next page.

If you are happy with it, agree with the terms and conditions and click on the “Post Special Offer” button. Your Special Offer will be live within 24 hours.

Once your Special Offer is posted, you can share it to Facebook. Return to the "Post a Special Offer" page and click the icon under "Share" to promote it.

Step 4: Set up another offer (optional)

You can create and schedule several Special Offers at once – up to a year in advance. This allows your Special Offers to automatically transition from one to the next. The new offer will launch on the start date you choose, replacing the old one. No action is required on your part, so you won't miss any potential guests. Just use the "Dates to display on TripAdvisor" box in Step 2 to indicate when you'd like each Special Offer to appear. To see the Special Offers you've scheduled, return to the "Post a Special Offer" page and then select the "Scheduled Offers" tab.

Create a Special Offer now

Create a Special Offer now

Last Updated: January 10, 2018