Take Advantage of These Review Collection Tools
TripAdvisor teams up with over a hundred technology providers to make review collection easy for you.

Review collection tools allow you to automatically collect guest feedback and identify opportunities for improvement. By now you’ve probably heard about the importance of collecting reviews. In fact, a recent study concluded that highly engaged hotels using Review Collections services saw a 30-80% increase in reviews and 40% more TripAdvisor page views, than those not using these services.1

How can I access TripAdvisor Review Collection tools?

To help businesses like yours take full advantage of our powerful review collection tools, TripAdvisor works closely with three types of review collection partners: guest survey providers, internet booking engines, and property management systems.

Do you have a guest survey provider? Guest survey providers offer businesses an opportunity to seamlessly integrate TripAdvisor review forms into their own guest satisfaction surveys. This is an easy way to capture valuable feedback and new guest reviews on TripAdvisor.  

Are you working with an internet booking engine or property management system? Both offer automated Review Express services to hotel partners like you. These services can help you collect more reviews effortlessly by automatically sending out customized review request emails to recent guests on your behalf. Hotels working with certified partners can simply opt into this free, automated service — and then watch as new reviews start rolling in.  

How do I know if my technology provider is participating?

Visit our Review Collections Partner page to see if your technology provider is already integrated with our review collection services. All certified Review Collection Partners are listed on this page, along with the review collection services they provide.

What if my provider isn't listed?

Tell your technology provider that becoming a TripAdvisor partner is one of the best ways to add value to their hotels. According to a recent study, hotels using Review Collection tools saw a 25% increase in link activity and a 32% increase in CPC links, when compared to those not using these services. Technology providers can learn more by visiting http://www.tripadvisor.com/ReviewCollectionPartners and then clicking “Connectivity Partners - Get Started”.

My technology provider is already listed. What's next?

Great! That means that you can start collecting more reviews today by using their Review Collection services. Simply go to www.tripadvisor.com/ReviewExpress and opt in.

  • 1. “Using Guest Reviews to Pave the Path to Greater Engagement” collected by Atmosphere Research Group

View Partners using Review Collection services

View Partners using Review Collection services

Last Updated: September 21, 2017