Introducing TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants

TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants gives businesses the competitive advantage they need with exclusive access to powerful, subscriber-only tools.

TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants is an exciting new subscription product available for restaurants listed on the world’s largest travel site.

Developed to reflect the specific needs of restaurant businesses, this new product empowers subscribers to stand out from their competition and influence millions of potential customers with new industry-leading tools.

The feature set includes exciting ways to enhance and differentiate the restaurant’s TripAdvisor page with Storyboard, Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here and Favorite Reviews. Subscribers also have access to an Analytics Suite which can be used to make informed business decisions based on real customer data.

What will it cost?

TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants is a subscription-based product. The exact price of a Premium subscription is tailored to each property based on a variety of factors such as location, size, and traffic.  A business can see specific pricing by visiting 

What free tools are available to restaurants?

As always, TripAdvisor continues to offer a wide range of free tools for restaurant owners including Management Responses, free photo uploading and summary data of your restaurant’s page.

At TripAdvisor, we take integrity seriously - from the customer reviews we publish to the relationships we build with restaurants. We promise:

  • A restaurant's ranking in the popularity index is not affected by subscription status
  • TripAdvisor bubble rating will not change based on a property’s subscription status
  • We will not include or exclude customer reviews based on a property’s subscription status

To learn more about this exciting new opportunity for restaurants, visit Then, once you've optimized your listing with TripAdvisor Premium, drive even more traffic to your listing with TripAdvisor Ads. Learn more here. 

Get Started with TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants

Get Started with TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants

Last Updated: October 16, 2017