Part 1: Setting up Google Analytics

Here are the basics of setting up Google Analytics to track your subscription.

Part one of this two-part series covers the basics of setting up Google Analytics for your property. Follow these step-by-step instructions to start tracking your business’s TripAdvisor performance:

1. Sign up for a Google ID  

If you don’t already have a Google account, head to and click “Create an account” at the bottom of the page. Agree to the Terms of Service and click “Next step.” On the next page, you will see a welcome message. Click "Continue" to enter the dashboard of your new Google account.

2. Configure a Google Analytics Account 

Next, navigate to and select “Sign in” in the top right. Then select “Google Analytics” from the drop down menu. Click the “Sign up” button and follow the steps below:

  • Choose the “Website” tab
  • Add the name of the hotel under the “Account Name” and “Website Name” boxes
  • Type in the URL of your website in Website URL
  • Select “Travel” as your Industry Category and choose your time zone
  • Skip over the boxes - leaving them checked
  • Finally, click “Get Tracking ID” and accept the resulting Terms of Service

3. Install a Google Tracking Code

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be sent to the "Administration" page. In the middle of the page, you’ll see the tracking code. Copy this code and paste it into the header section of each page of your website that you’d like to track. If someone else manages the code on your website, provide this code to them and they should be able to easily implement it for you.

4. Test your Google Tracking Code

Once the tracking code has been installed, you’ll begin seeing data in your Google Analytics account. To ensure the code has been installed correctly, access your account, click “Reporting” in the top menu, then “Real-Time” in the left menu and “Content” below it.

You should be able to see activity on this page. If you’re not seeing activity try opening your website in another browser and clicking around. As you click, you should see changes in the real-time analytics on this page. If not, you should check-in with the person who manages your website or consult the Google Analytics Help Center

Ready for the next step? Complete you Google Analytics setup by clicking on one of the following links:

  • Properties with an internet booking engine, click here.
  • Properties without an internet booking engine, click here.

Complete your Google Analytics Setup

Complete your Google Analytics Setup

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Last Updated: October 8, 2014