Tripadvisor Reputation Pro: The Complete Guide

Ready to build traveler confidence to book with you? Looking for ways to impact your bubble score and ranking on Tripadvisor and beyond? Read on to learn more about everything Reputation Pro can do for your accommodation business.

Reputation is the cornerstone of any hospitality business; 94% of travelers say reviews are an important decision-factor in choosing where to stay … and 77% are more likely to book a property with personalized review responses.1

Reviews have also become even more important as travelers want to know what conditions are like at your property right now.

You can’t afford to neglect your reputation, but managing it can certainly be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve developed Reputation Pro — to help you easily build traveler confidence in your property, motivating guests to book with you and increasing your visibility on Tripadvisor. To learn more about how you can add Reputation Pro to your Tripadvisor listing, click here.

Already signed up? Read on for best practices on how you can unlock the full power of Tripadvisor Reputation Pro for your business!

Step 1: Get started

Once Reputation Pro is activated for your business, each registered and verified owner of your Tripadvisor listing will have access to it. To get started:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Select your property from the list to access its Management Center
  3. Navigate to the “Reviews” tab to see Reputation Pro and all of its tools

Note — it’s possible that we may need to re-verify your access to your business on Tripadvisor. If that’s the case, please contact Customer Support to continue the verification process. To do this, head to Owner Support. Once there, add your name and property, select "Update Management Center Access" and then "Disable access for a registrant." Then use the text box to request a verification.

Step 2: Activate premium review collection

Reputation Pro does the work for you when it comes to collecting new reviews. To get started, just enable your providers. Then, if you’d like, you can customize your review requests and add private surveys.

Enable your provider

To start collecting reviews automatically, you’ll need to connect a compatible technology partner. These partners include your Property Management System (PMS), Internet Booking Engine (IBE), Channel Manager or WiFi provider. Once you’ve done that, we’ll automatically start a secure sync of your guest data with your provider. We’ll use that data to deliver gentle, Tripadvisor-branded review reminders via emails, text messages and app notifications to your guests.

Tripadvisor takes the protection of personal data seriously. As such, we will only use the guest data you provide to support your Reputation Pro account and not for marketing or other purposes.

To enable to your provider:

  1. From the Management Center, mouseover the "Reviews" tab in the top navigation and select "Premium review collection" under Reputation Pro
  2. Visit the "Get more reviews" section of the page to connect or enable your provider(s)
  3. If you’ve already enabled automated review collection, you can review and manage your connected providers under "Automation status"
  4. Feel free to connect multiple providers — Reputation Pro will ensure guests will only receive one set of review reminders
  5. Once you’ve enabled a provider, review reminders will begin going out to those guests as soon as we begin receiving data from the partner — typically within 3 days

To adjust your providers or see their statuses — you can return to the Premium review collection dashboard at any time.

Available review collection channels vary based on provider — you may not have access to each channel immediately, but we’re working hard to bring them to you.

Customize your email campaigns (optional)

Review collection emails sent by Reputation Pro on your behalf are optimized using industry best practices to drive as many responses as possible. In some cases, you may want to further customize those messages — to provide more context to guests or closely align with your brand.

Tripadvisor review reminders are sent in accordance with industry best practices and all applicable laws and regulations.

To customize your emails click "Premium review collection" from the menu on the left side within Reputation Pro. Then, select "Create campaign" button from the top right of the screen to access the template manager. From here, you can edit the template you use for automated review collection by clicking the "Edit template" button on the right side of the page.

Add a private survey (optional)

Looking to collect more detailed information from guests, privately, to improve your business? Add a private survey request to your review reminders to collect this information on your behalf. Click "Premium review collection" within Reputation Pro and then click "Create survey" under the "Get more feedback" heading to add your survey.

For more detailed instructions, check out the Tripadvisor Reputation Pro: Private Surveys Guide.

Step 3: Connect to additional review platforms

We’ve heard feedback from customers that responding to reviews and building a reputation across multiple sites can be time consuming. We’ve streamlined this process by incorporating reviews from Tripadvisor and other sources like Google, Facebook and online travel agencies (OTAs) into Reputation Pro. Now you can now see your guest reviews from multiple platforms and respond to each one — all in one place.

Connect your review accounts

To see your reviews from multiple sites, you’ll first need to connect other websites to Reputation Pro. Here’s how:

  1. Select the "Review Response" menu item within Reputation Pro
  2. At the top of the page, click "Connect" for one of the sites
  3. For Google and Facebook, use the login information of the administrator on your business account in order to successfully connect
  4. For OTAs, copy and paste the review page link from each site. This page should be your property’s main page where reviews are displayed.

Once the connection is established, all verified users on your Tripadvisor listing will be able to see and respond to reviews from each site directly in the dashboard. Reviews should begin populating within 24 hours.

When responding to reviews, please be sure to abide by each site’s terms of use and specific response guidelines.

Responding to reviews

Once you’ve connected other accounts, you and your team can begin responding to guest reviews more seamlessly. For more helpful tips on writing Management Responses, see our complete library of resources.

Step 4: Customize notifications

Now that you’ve enabled your technology providers and connected other websites, you can customize your review notifications. Reputation Pro can alert you and your team to new reviews where and when you choose.

Customize review alerts

By default, Reputation Pro will send you daily email updates whenever you receive a new review. To further customize those alerts:

  1. Click the "Review alerts" tab on the Reputation Pro menu
  2. Use the radio button to toggle on the channels where you want to be notified about new reviews. Select from Email, SMS / Text and your inbox in the Management Center
  3. Then choose the frequency of those alerts
  4. You can then confirm that your contact details are correct and up to date to ensure you don’t miss an alert
  5. Finally, toggle the radio buttons of the connected partners you’d like Reputation Pro to alert you about

And that’s it! You’ll begin receiving review alerts at your contact details within 24 to 48 hours. Also, it’s important to note that each member of your team can customize their own alert scheduling.

Step 5: Use Reputation Pro to improve your business

We recommend you check your Review Dashboard regularly — at least whenever you receive a new review, need to add some responses or when you’d like to make changes to any of the features highlighted above.

Here are some quick tips on how to use Reputation Pro on a day-to-day basis:


We’ve designed the inbox with your busy schedule in mind. It will automatically surface any items that need your immediate attention. This is the one place you need to look to understand what actions you need to take immediately or to share with your team.

Responding to reviews

Responding to reviews is easy and more personalized than ever. With Reputation Pro you can create and save response templates for future use. Create a template with the "Save response as new template" checkbox and access this template at any time from the dropdown list. To make each template more personalized, you can automatically incorporate a reviewer’s name by adding {{name}} where you want their name to appear. Additionally, when writing individual responses, you can quickly add the reviewer’s name by typing the @ key in the text box.

Review insights

Whenever you log in to Reputation Pro, be sure to spend some time on your Dashboard. This is where you can easily track the sentiment of your guests’ reviews and understand the activities that are driving most of your review activity. You can also dig into more details on the aspects of your property that are driving positive and negative sentiment — so you can prioritize where to take action. With Competitor Insights, you can benchmark your review performance against your competition, with insight into 26 categories, from service to cleanliness.


Now that you’ve configured Reputation Pro, you’ll be able to automatically collect new reviews, impact your ranking and bubble score on Tripadvisor and beyond, and drive more bookings. Feel free to return to any of the tools above to make changes — don’t be afraid to try new things — when you have time, of course. In the meantime, let Reputation Pro do the work for you!

If you need additional help setting up Reputation Pro, simply submit your questions via Owner Support — make sure to select "Review Express" from the dropdown menu as your issue.

1. Power of Reviews, by Tripadvisor, in partnership with Ipsos MORI

Last Updated: July 20, 2021