Increase Instant Booking Conversion Rates

Important things you can do to increase the number of bookings you receive through the “Book on Tripadvisor” placement.

It’s important to make sure the room data you’re providing for instant booking is as complete and accurate as possible. This will help you to increase conversions and drive more bookings. Read on for tips to make sure you’re giving travelers the high quality content they need to book a stay with you right on Tripadvisor.

Essential room information

Guests need access to complete information when they’re making booking decisions including a full description of the room, accurate pricing and a valid cancellation policy. We need to receive these details for each of your rooms or rates — otherwise, we can’t show them in the ‘Book on Tripadvisor’ placement. There are a few scenarios where we will prevent a room or rate from showing:

  • Missing or short cancelation policy: We will remove the room or rate if the cancelation policy is missing, too short or not descriptive enough to provide helpful information. 
    • Tip: A clear and concise cancelation policy gives your property an advantage and helps potential guests make booking decisions quickly and confidently. Use language travelers will understand and avoid jargon or abbreviations (such as “CXL” for cancel or “nt” for nights).
    • Example: Cancelations made within 24 hours of arrival are subject to a one-night room charge & tax penalty. We also cannot extend refunds for guests who don’t arrive for their scheduled stay or checkout early.
  • Missing or short room name and room description: We'll prevent the room or rate from showing if its name and description are missing, include only numbers or symbols, are too short to provide meaningful information or use industry terminology or abbreviations that the average guest wouldn’t understand.
    • Tip: The room rate or name is the first piece of information guests see – keep it brief but also compelling to draw potential travelers in. The room or rate descriptions provide guests with more details about the particular selection. The key here is to provide enough details to help them decide to book, while not overloading them.
    • Room name example: Club Suite, Ocean View, Breakfast included
      Room description example: Our 750 square foot Club Suite features one king bed. Suite amenities include fireplace, flat-panel TV, free high-speed WiFi, an in-room safe and luxury bath amenities. Rate also includes a complimentary Continental breakfast each day in the main dining room.

  • Missing or short room name and invalid photo: If a room name has the issues stated above and there is no photo, or one that does not show the actual room itself, it will also be prevented from showing.
    • Tip: Show travelers the photos that best represent the actual room they can expect to stay in if they book that rate. Avoid using photos of other amenities or common areas at your property – those aren’t as helpful at this stage of the booking.
    • Example: (See right)

Other common issues that impact conversion

Below are some other common issues we see with content provided for instant booking. Avoiding these issues will help to ensure you make the most out of your ‘Book on Tripadvisor’ placements, which can lead to more bookings:

  • Language choice: To appear in the “Book on Tripadvisor” placement, your content must be provided in the appropriate language for the traveler.  Make sure that your content is translated into the languages where you expect to get the majority of your bookings.
  • Unexpected symbols: Sometimes strange symbols (•) appear in room or rate names, descriptions or policies. These symbols can make it challenging for travelers to understand your content. Review your content to ensure it makes sense when it's displayed on Tripadvisor.
  • Insufficient or confusing information: Your room and policy information must be complete and easily understandable by the typical guest. The format of the data should be clear with no extra characters like underscores ( _ ) or vertical lines ( | ) between words or fields. For example, if your check-in policy states “Guests must check in between _0:00 and 0:00_” – a traveler would be confused and may not book your property.
  • All caps: Watch out for capitalization issues in your room information, particularly room names or descriptions in all capital letters. This has been shown to reduce conversion.
  • Website Language and URL: The URL of your website cannot appear in your descriptions or policies. Also, ensure the text you provide will make sense when it’s displayed on Tripadvisor.
  • Information in wrong area:  Confirm that all of your information is showing up in the correct fields. For example, your room description should not be in the field for your cancelation policy.

How to remedy content issues

You’ll receive a notification from Tripadvisor if we see any of these content issues for your property. If you’re in a market where instant booking is live, you can also enter some test travel dates on your property page to check the content you’re providing for the “Book on Tripadvisor” placement.

In most cases, you can address these issues by adjusting the information you provide to your connectivity partner via their systems.

Additional tips to increase conversion

Here are more ways to help increase conversions with instant booking:

  • Optimize room / rate names: The room or rate name is the first piece of information guests see. Keep it brief but also use it to draw guests in.
  • Provide a compelling description: Descriptions provide guests with more details about the particular room or rate they’ve selected. The key is to provide enough information to help guests decide to book, while not overloading them with details.
  • Tell guests about your amenities: A list of the amenities available to guests if they book is very helpful. Again, it’s important to strike a balance between listing key amenities while not overwhelming guests with potentially unnecessary details. Avoid repeating amenities that are already listed in your room description.
  • Make policies clear right up front: Be sure to provide travelers with any other key policies, including payment policies (how credit cards will be charged), occupancy policies, check in/out times as well as any other important details guests should be aware of before booking. 

Keep in mind, you can always track your accommodation's performance via the instant booking dashboard in the Management Center.

View your instant booking dashboard

View your instant booking dashboard

Last Updated: June 2, 2015