Manage Who Has Access to Your Tripadvisor Listing

Learn how to manage who has access to your Tripadvisor listing.

Maintaining the list of people with access to your business’s Tripadvisor Management Center is easy with the new “Manage User Access” tool. Use it to invite new users and remove outdated ones.

How the “Manage User Access” Tool Works

To manage who has access to your Tripadvisor listing, log into your Management Center and under the “Help & Settings” tab in the top menu, select “Manage User Access.”  

On this page, you’ll see a full list of all users registered to manage your Tripadvisor page. You’ll also see their Tripadvisor usernames, affiliation to your business and the products they have access to (if applicable).

For instructions on how to invite, verify and delete users, continue reading below. Please note, before you can make changes, you may need to re-verify your identity as a business representative for your property. If this is the case, you'll see an orange “Verify Identity” button on the right side of the page – click it to re-verify.

Invite new users

Adding a new user gives that person the ability to respond to reviews, upload photos, and edit business details. To invite a new user, click the plus button, add the person’s email address, and then click “Send Invite.” An email will be sent asking the person to confirm their role at your business and accept the Tripadvisor terms and conditions. They’ll then have access to the Management Center for your business.

Who should I invite? Typically, it’s best to grant access to users who update your Management Photos, write Management Responses or use tools like Review Express to collect new reviews. For accommodations, people who manage your property’s Business Listing, Business Advantage, and instant booking campaigns should be invited as well. Sometimes businesses also invite third party representatives, like agencies, to access their Management Centers.

Verify users

In some cases, representatives of your business may have registered for your property but failed to complete the verification process. It's important to complete verification, but it provides an additional layer of security by controlling who has access to a business's account.

If a user is not verified, you will see a blue exclamation icon next to their name. To complete verification, click the edit icon in their box and then click "Verify this user."

Delete users

It’s important to make sure your list of users is up to date. If people move on from your business, you can remove their access by clicking the "Delete User" icon in the box for each user. Once you delete a user, that person will no longer have access to your property’s Management Center.

Who should I delete? It’s best to ensure only current representatives of your business have access to its Management Center.

Common Questions:

I need to change ownership of our Business Advantage subscription – how do I do that?

To change ownership of paid product, like Business Advantage, you should submit a customer support ticket online. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Management Center.
  • In the Contact Tripadvisor box click "Get online help.” 
  • Under "Please tell me what the issue is” box, select “Business Advantage.”
  • Select "Update Account Access Permissions" as the subtopic.
  • In the Comments box please include all details of the switch you'd like to make.

I accidentally deleted someone – what now?

Accidents happen. Luckily, it’s easy to re-add users. You can invite someone to re-register by clicking the add button and entering the person’s email address. They’ll receive an email asking them to confirm their role at your business and accept the Tripadvisor terms and conditions. Once that’s done, they’ll regain access to your listing.  

Why are there so many owners registered to my listing?

Since your property was first listed on Tripadvisor, employees may have come and gone, you may have changed ownership or people may have switched roles. Whatever the reason, we encourage you to review the list of current users, add ones that are missing and remove or update ones that are out of date.

I don’t know who a person registered to my property is – what do I do?

First, check to make sure they aren’t related to any third parties you work with. If they aren’t, then delete them from your property.

If someone suspicious is registered for your property, please first delete them as a user via the Manager User Access page. Then, immediately report the situation to our Content Integrity Team by submitting a ticket on our Owner Support Forum. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Management Center.
  • In the Contact Tripadvisor box click “Get online help.”
  • Under “Please tell me what the issue is,” select “Update Management Center Access.”
  • Under “What do you want to do?” select “Report suspicious registrant.”
  • Fill out the name of the suspicious registrant and make sure to provide as much detail as possible about who you believe the registrant is and their relation to your property.

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Last Updated: August 29, 2016