How to Add Photos and Videos on Tripadvisor

Photos and videos do more than just catch Tripadvisor travelers’ attention. Visual media, along with reviews, bring your business to life and give potential visitors another great reason to choose your property for their next trip, meal or activity. Here’s everything you need to know about managing your photos and videos on Tripadvisor.

Where do my photos and videos appear on Tripadvisor?

  • The photo carousel This is the large photo section at the top of your Tripadvisor listing. Travelers flip through this carousel to get a quick preview of your business.
  • The media viewer Visitors who click “All Photos” or an album on the right side of the photo carousel enter the media viewer, where all photos and videos related to your property are stored.
    • For accommodations, photos and videos are sorted into categories including: Hotel & Amenities, Dining, Pool & Beach, Room/Suite and Videos (including both Property Videos and Storyboard). If there are no photos or videos for a specific category, the category will not show.
    • For restaurants and attractions, your photos are displayed in chronological order based on the date they were uploaded. At this time, videos are only available to accommodation owners subscribed to Business Advantage.
  • The “Photos” section of your listing page (accommodations only) This is another area where photo albums related to your listing are kept. Here, guests can scan through albums to see everything your property has to offer.

What types of media appear on my Tripadvisor listing?

There are up to eight types of media associated with your listing:

  • Your primary photoThis is the main image that displays first in the photo carousel on your Tripadvisor listing and on search results pages across Tripadvisor. You control which photo displays here, read below for more tips on picking the right one.
  • Management Photos – These are photos you, or another verified manager of your property, upload to Tripadvisor. There is no limit to how many photos you can upload to your Tripadvisor page - just make sure they are in line with our guidelines, or they will be rejected.
  • Traveler Photos – These are traveler-submitted photos. For accommodations, photos are organized into categories based on their subject. For restaurants and attractions, Traveler Photos are mixed in along with Management Photos and ordered chronologically in the photo viewer.  
  • Professional Photos and panoramas (if applicable) – These are professional photos exclusively commissioned by Tripadvisor. They appear in the photo carousel following Management Photos. Learn more about these photos here.
  • Storyboard (if applicable) – Storyboard is available only to Business Advantage or Tripadvisor Premium for Restaurants subscribers. It’s a high-quality promotional preview of your property, that blends together your best photos and top reviews. Learn more here.
  • Property Videos (if applicable) – These are videos which have been uploaded by Business Advantage subscribers. Accommodations, learn more about Property Videos here
  • Favorite Photos (if applicable) – These are photos that Business Advantage subscribers have chosen to highlight. They appear after the primary photo in the photo carousel and in a separate tab in the media viewer.
  • Cover Photos (if applicable) – These are photos that have been hand-selected by Business Advantage subscribers as the cover of in their Tripadvisor albums. They appear in the “Photos” section, so visitors can see your best rooms, property features and amenities.

How do I upload photos to Tripadvisor?

  1. Log into the Management Center.
  2. Under "Manage Listing" in the top menu select "Photos."
  3. Click the "Add More Photos" button in the top right.
  4. Then, choose photos from your computer or drag and drop them right into the photo uploader. 
  5. Click the box authorizing that you are a representative of the business and that you have the rights to post the photo.
  6. Then, click the "Upload" button.

How do I upload videos to Tripadvisor?

At this time, only Business Advantage subscribers are able to upload videos to their Tripadvisor listings. To add Property Videos:

  • Visit the Management Center.
  • Under the "Manage Listing" menu at the top of the page, click "Property Videos."
  • Here you can add, remove, or update the titles of Property Videos.

Read our full guide to Property Videos here.

How do I choose a primary photo?

To select a primary photo:

  1. Sign into the Management Center.
  2. Under the "Manage Listing" menu at the top of the page, click "Photos."
  3. Then, click the "Primary Photo" tab on the left.
  4. Click "Change Photo."
  5. Choose the primary photo you'd like to use from the options listed.
  6. If you're happy with the preview of your new primary photo, displayed at the top of the page, click "Save."

It takes 3-5 business days for this change to take effect on your Tripadvisor page. Once your primary photo request is processed, you'll see it at the top of the Media Suite page along with a date stamp and a note indicating that the request is pending.

Tips to choosing a primary photo:

  • Choose a landscape photo that's at least 1200 pixels wide by 628 pixels tall.
  • Avoid choosing a primary photo that features a photo montage, includes a watermark or has text layered on top of the image.
  • The photo must be in line with our guidelines.

Note: If you don't supply a photo, we will choose one for you (but we prefer to have you select one yourself). 

How do I organize my Management Photos once they are on Tripadvisor?

Use the "Manage Photos" tab within the Media Suite to: 

  • See a display of all photos you've uploaded* 
  • Add more photos
  • Designate a primary photo
  • Tag and update captions on Management Photos

*Accommodations can drag and drop photos to rearrange how they appear on their Tripadvisor page.

There’s something wrong with one of my photos. What do I do?

If there’s an issue with a Management Photo, delete it and upload it again. For issues with Traveler and Professional Photos, select the photo which you'd like to report, and click the “Report" flag on the bottom right. Once you’ve clicked the flag, select what’s wrong with the photo.

How can I get the most out of my photos?

  • Show off your property at it's best. Choose a primary photo that shows the best of your property. Be sure to update it periodically in order to provide customers with the freshest content possible. Changing your photo every few months – or with the seasons – can help engage visitors who are browsing your destination. 
  • Upload more than 10 photos. This encourages visitors to spend more time on your property listing.
  • Upload quality media. A high-resolution image should remain clear and sharp as you adjust its size from desktop to tablet to mobile. 
  • Get customers excited about choosing you! Add photos that reflect the latest and greatest at your property, like special events or facilities upgrades. Choose photos that express what is unique and memorable about your property. 
  • Post a variety of images of your property. Avoid uploading only photos that all have a similar subject (for example, multiple shots of a dining room). Instead, show a variety of images that showcase what you offer (the outside, the inside, some amenities, etc.).
  • Don't forget to add captions. Visitors may click through images quickly so be sure to include captions that point out the best parts of each shot.

Last Updated: February 24, 2015