9 Tips for Instant Booking Success

Use these tips to turn more browsers into bookers on your TripAdvisor page

1. Check your availability

To get your full share of traveler views, you need to have availability for the dates potential guests are searching for. Check availability for a few different dates when you know rooms are available, to make sure your information is appearing on TripAdvisor as it should. If your availability isn't correct, check your settings in your connectivity partner’s system to find out why. 

2. Make sure your prices are competitive

In order to give travelers the best possible booking experience, make sure your prices are competitive with those of other distribution channels. If they aren’t, your rates may not appear in the instant booking placement. The easiest way to make sure your prices are competitive is to visit your Instant Booking Performance Center. In the Management Center, under the “Products” menu select “Instant Booking,” then click “Performance Center.” Then review the Pricing section to see how often your rates are lower, the same, or higher than other distribution channels (OTAs).

3. Provide high quality content 

It’s important to check that the room data (cancellation policy, room descriptions, amenities, etc.) and images you’re providing to potential guests are as complete and accurate as possible. Read here for tips to make sure you're giving travelers the high-quality content they need to book with you. 

4. Create a test booking

To make sure your availability, rates and room content appear as they should for your travelers, you can create a test booking. Just be sure to cancel your sample reservation in the instant booking dashboard after you’ve completed testing. 

5. Track your performance

Use the instant booking dashboard to manage bookings, track revenue and pay invoices. Tracking your performance with the instant booking dashboard is easy, check out our insiders’ guide for a look at the most helpful tools. 

6. Own guest relationships from the start

Once guests complete a booking on TripAdvisor, the details are transferred to you via your connectivity partner. According to TripBarometer, traveler excitement is at its peak leading up to the trip and upon arrival1Build your relationships with guests from the start by thanking them for their bookings, sharing local information and introducing them to your property.

7. Send value-added offers

83% of travelers report that they usually book at least three weeks before arrival2. This means you have time to develop a relationship with your future guests and upsell them with value-added offers like 10% off a spa package.

8. Reconcile your reservations

With instant booking you’re only charged for bookings that turn into stays. It’s important to review your monthly invoices to make sure any cancellations or booking changes are correctly reflected in your bill.  

9. Encourage guests to write reviews

Lastly, don’t forget to invite your guests to write reviews when they get back home. It’s an easy way to build your reputation on TripAdvisor and gain more exposure for your property. 


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Last Updated: January 10, 2018