Strategies for Managing Your Sponsored Placements Budget

Tips on the most efficient ways to drive traffic to your property throughout the year.

Getting to know Sponsored Placements budgets

Sponsored Placements budgets are designed to help you easily manage your campaign from month to month. Your budget is based on two factors - an estimated number of monthly clicks and your property’s cost-per-click (CPC) rate. These two factors combined result in your monthly budget, which is the maximum amount that you could be billed in a month.

You can select from a high, medium or low budget. Each one represents a different level of monthly estimated clicks. Choose one that works for your goals. Or, you can use the custom budget box, if you have a specific budget or click target in mind.

Best practices for managing your budget

So, what’s the best way to manage your Sponsored Placements budget? Here are three best practices to keep in mind.

1. Maximize your monthly budget to expand your reach.

A recent comScore Path to Purchase study found that travelers spend 25% of their shopping time on TripAdvisor. They also return multiple times and view multiple pages on the site as they narrow down their choices.1

Sponsored Placements is designed to help you influence travelers in this shopping phase. While you only pay for clicks on your ads, they’ll actually appear many more times throughout the month. By maximizing your monthly budget, you amplify the number of travelers who can see your property — while still paying only if those travelers click on your ad.

2. Plan for seasonality and adjust budgets accordingly.

Many clients choose to increase their Sponsored Placements budgets leading up to their busy seasons. This way they can influence even more travelers as they’re making future plans. On average, travelers spend 89 days researching prior to booking, so it’s important to start early.1 To see TripAdvisor-specific traffic and search trends for your property, check out the Demand Trends report of the Analytics Suite.2

3. Maintain exposure for your property throughout the year.

Regardless of the season, it’s a good idea to keep your campaign active at some level throughout the year. If your campaign is inactive, you won’t be able to use Sponsored Placements to:

  • Fill rooms that are open due to last minute cancellations
  • Reach travelers searching for future dates, including those looking for deals during off-season times
  • Influence travelers to choose you instead of a competitor

"During the busy season - when our property is full - we’ll probably scale back to the lower budget option, but still run a campaign. It’s important to always maintain visibility for future bookings. Through the rest of the year — particularly in January and February as people start to plan for the summer — we’ll use one of the higher budget options to drive more traffic to our property."

Gianfranco Acampora

Grand Hotel Aminta Owner, GM & Marketing Strategist

1. comScore “Path to Purchase Study,” 2017.

2. Available to Business Advantage Preferred Access subscribers. To upgrade, contact your TripAdvisor representative.

Manage Your Sponsored Placements Campaign

Manage Your Sponsored Placements Campaign

Last Updated: May 22, 2018