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How Miramar Brings In Over 150 Diners Per Night With TripAdvisor

How Miramar Brings In Over 150 Diners Per Night With TripAdvisor Restaurant Miramar, a seaside restaurant in Mallorca, Spain, sees more than 150 diners per night during the summer season. Here’s how they use TripAdvisor Ads and TripAdvisor Premium to build their brand and keep their restaurant busy all year long.

Welcome to Restaurant Miramar, Mallorca

Nestled under a grove of palm trees, this seaside restaurant boasts more than great food. If you dine at Restaurant Miramar, you’ll find yourself sipping wine while watching the sun set slowly over Port D’Alcudia.

Located on the Paseo Marítimo, Restaurant Miramar serves tasty and authentic Mediterranean cuisine to locals and travelers from around the world. And they’ve been doing it as a family since 1871.

The restaurant has more than 600 reviews, an average bubble rating of 4.5/5 and a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. In high season, the business has 30 employees who deliver an impeccable dinner service to over 150 diners each night. The rest of the year, the restaurant focuses on lunch service and weekend meals.

The Challenge: Standing Out in the Crowd

Mallorca is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe — not just for travelers from other countries, but for Spanish tourists, too. “Our biggest challenge is to make our restaurant known [to locals and to tourists], and to know the characteristics that differentiate us from the other establishments around,” says Jaime Solé, Miramar’s General Manager. “We are looking to stand out in Alcudia by offering high-quality food and the best service to our customers.”

But with hundreds of restaurants for diners to choose from, how do they do it?

Miramar focuses on their brand to set them apart. “To reach this goal, we are committed [to using] TripAdvisor and TheFork daily. We have been [using] these two portals for the last three years.”

How They Use TripAdvisor

“We made an important effort to publicize our restaurant," says Solé. "We have enabled online reservations and we highlight the reviews that we think are most interesting, which we can easily do with the tools provided by TripAdvisor Premium and Ads packages.”

TripAdvisor Premium helps Miramar manage their brand and put their best foot forward. Storyboard gives them the opportunity to make a great first impression with potential customers visiting their TripAdvisor listing. “The image carousel is very interesting and visual,” says Jaime Solé. “The ability to highlight [our Favorite Review] is a tool that has helped us showcase great diner feedback. We can choose a review that truly reflects our food offerings and our service.”

TripAdvisor Ads serves as a great compliment to their listing, enabling Miramar to attract diners from around the world. “TripAdvisor Ads have allowed us to be in a prominent position,” confirms Solé. “As a result of using Ads, we have managed to reach [customers in] new markets that may never previously have found our restaurant,” Solé says.

The Results

“These two tools to improve our online marketing have increased visits to our restaurant — that, for us, is the best benefit.”...

4 Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Busy All Year Round

4 Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Busy All Year Round In a seasonal industry, keeping your restaurant busy all year long is a challenge. We’ve put together a few tried-and-true marketing tactics you can use to combat the off-season blues.

The restaurant world is a seasonal one. Whether you’re a waterfront summer destination or a bustling après-ski bar, there’s going to be times of the year where you have plenty of customers coming through the door — and times where that’s not the case.

To keep your restaurant busy all year round, you have to promote it all year round.

That means incorporating marketing into both your dry seasons and your busy ones. Marketing can often fall by the wayside as a lower priority, but neglecting it only makes it more difficult to draw in new customers later on. Imagine that your marketing efforts are like a cyclist conquering a hill — you must pedal consistently, one foot after the other, to reach the top. You can go faster or slower if you want to, but pausing entirely will mean an even more taxing restart.

Marketing year-round also helps you get ahead of your competitors and could mean diners less familiar with your area earmark your restaurant for a future visit. By building a consistent promotion plan across the year, you can make sure your restaurant is always top of mind.

Here are a few workhorse marketing tactics that you can use anytime:

Advertise Your Restaurant

The best way to build up demand for your restaurant at any time of year is to advertise consistently. Especially if your restaurant is in a more seasonal location like in a ski resort town or by the ocean, you’ll want to make sure that you let folks know that you’re open in the offseason and that you stand out in the crowd during the busy periods.

Online advertising is a particularly good channel because it’s easy to dial up and down your efforts, just like speeding up or slowing down your cycling pace up the hill. Dialing up and down in this case means experimenting with different audiences and advertising channels to see what works best for you.

Create Partnerships within Your Community

Your restaurant’s success largely depends on its location and the community that you serve. Another way to keep your restaurant busy year-round is to work on building partnerships with members of the community, especially other businesses nearby.

You could:

  • Put flyers at the nearby laundromat, dry cleaner, or other local store
  • Ask nearby hotel concierges or apartment/housing complexes to recommend your restaurant
  • Contact office managers to set up catering or delivery opportunities at local offices
  • Work with nearby universities or colleges to create apprenticeships or a student discount
  • Market yourself as a charity partner for local non-profits as a way to spread the word
  • Participate in local versions of restaurant week or other government-sponsored campaigns
  • Offer your space as a co-working area during the day

Hold an Event or Participate in a Pop-Up

Another way to get your restaurant busy is to hold an event or pop-up tasting at another location. This is a great opportunity to get creative based on your average customer — if you’re a family-friendly spot, you might want to try a kids character meal or an arts and crafts event, but if you’re more of a date-night destination, think about a wine tasting or special prix fixe menu for couples.

You could also try:

  • Themed events celebrating specific holidays, like Mother’s Day or the New Year
  • Giving customers a peek into the kitchen with cooking or baking classes
  • Wine or beer tastings
  • Experimenting with a meal outside of your normal offerings, like a special brunch
  • Movie screenings, live music, or theatrical performances
  • Games, like trivia night or poker tournaments

If the events go well, you could expand into more recurring event offerings, like corporate luncheons, birthday parties, or wedding receptions, which would bring in additional revenue for your business.


7 Ways to Measure Your TripAdvisor Ad Success

7 Ways to Measure Your TripAdvisor Ad Success Whether you’re new to the world of advertising your restaurant or simply need a refresher, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the most important TripAdvisor Ad metrics you should know and why.

Once you’ve set up your TripAdvisor Ad, you’ll want to know whether or not your investment is paying off. You can see how you’re doing at a glance in the Management Center by choosing "Ads Performance" under the "Advertising" tab.

You’ll want to pay attention to these seven metrics. Here’s the breakdown on what they mean, why they’re important, and where to find them in your report.

1. Ad Views

What It Is: Ad Views measures how many times within your selected date range potential diners saw your TripAdvisor Ad in a search result, list, or on individual restaurant listing pages on TripAdvisor.

Why It’s Important: When we show your Ad, it doesn’t show to every single browser. It only shows to the most qualified potential diners — meaning, the people most likely to actually come to your restaurant. Think of Ad Views as the overall reach that your Ad has for those qualified diners on TripAdvisor’s site.

Curious what your Ad looks like to potential diners? Check out our Preview Tool by choosing "Preview Ad" under the "Advertising" tab in the Management Center.

Where You Can Find It: You can see this metric in the top left hand side of your performance report.

2. Page Visits from Ads

What It Is: Page Visits from Ads shows you how many people visit your TripAdvisor listing by clicking on your TripAdvisor Ad. This is in addition to the regular, or organic, traffic your page is already receiving. Below this metric, you'll also see the boost

Why It’s Important: When we show your Ad, you only pay for the clicks you receive — so your Page Visits from Ads tells you exactly what traffic you’re getting by purchasing a TripAdvisor Ad. More traffic to your page means that there are more potential diners who will call your number, visit your website, or book your restaurant.

Where You Can Find It: This metric appears to the right of your Ad Views, in the very center of your performance report. You can also see a longer-term view of your Page Visits from Ads at the bottom of the report in dark green.

3. Click-Through Rate

What It Is: Click-through rate is the percentage of clicks you received from all of the potential diners who saw your Ad. Click-through rate is calculated by dividing the Page Visits from Ads by the number of Ad Views you receive.

Why It’s Important: Click-through rate indicates how engaging your Ad is to potential diners. It tells you the likelihood that a potential diner will see your TripAdvisor listing after seeing your Ad.

One way to increase your click-through rate is to choose the best Primary Photo of your restaurant. This is the photo that appears next to your listing for your Ad and is the first photo that diners will see when they come to your listing. You can choose a new Primary Photo by:

  1. Logging in to the Management Center.
  2. Choosing "Photos" under the "Manage Listing" tab.
  3. One the left hand side, select "Primary Photo."
  4. To change the photo, click the orange "Change Photo" button in the bottom right hand corner.
  5. From there, select which photo you wish to use as your Primary Photo.
  6. If you don’t see a photo that you want to use, you can upload Management Photos by going to the "Management Photos" tab on the left hand side and selecting the blue "Add more photos" button.

Where You Can Find It: You can see this metric underneath your Ad Views in your performance report.

4. Customer Actions from Ads


Where Can My TripAdvisor Restaurant Ads Show?

Where Can My TripAdvisor Restaurant Ads Show? When you purchase a TripAdvisor Ad, we show it only to the most qualified diners—the people who are already searching for restaurants like yours. Here’s a rundown of exactly where on the site diners will see it.

Every month, TripAdvisor sees over 200 million searches from people looking for their perfect place to eat.* With TripAdvisor Ads, you can capture the attention of these diners to drive them directly to your listing page.

When we show your ad, it doesn’t show to every single potential diner. It only shows to the most qualified potential diners—meaning, those people who are searching for restaurants just like yours in your area. For example, if you run a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn and someone searches for "Best Mexican food in New York City," and you’ve purchased a TripAdvisor Ad, then that person will likely see your Ad.

But that’s just one example. There are several different places a potential diner can see your ad appear on TripAdvisor:

Where Your Ad Could Show on TripAdvisor

First in Category on Your Location’s Home Page

When someone searches for restaurants in your location, they could see your restaurant first if you fall into a particular category like Fine Dining or Local Cuisine. So if you’re ranked #11 for your category in a given location, by purchasing a TripAdvisor Ad, your restaurant could appear before the restaurant ranked #1 in your category in your location.

In the example above, by searching generally for restaurants in London, you can see an ad for the Fancy Crab, a fine dining establishment, in the Fine Dining category.

Note that if someone is on this page on the TripAdvisor mobile app, they won’t see your Ad appear there. Coming soon!

First in List on Your Location’s Home Page


Drive Traffic to Your Listing with TripAdvisor Ads for Restaurants

Drive Traffic to Your Listing with TripAdvisor Ads for Restaurants Drive browsers searching for restaurants in your area straight to your listing with TripAdvisor Ads.

Every day, millions of potential customers visit TripAdvisor looking for a great place to eat. Capture the attention of these potential customers, and drive traffic straight to your listing, with TripAdvisor Ads. Ads allow you to get discovered by locals and travelers looking for a place to eat now. These highly targeted ads appear in exclusive placements on TripAdvisor and help fill your tables with highly qualified diners who are ready to decide.  

What are TripAdvisor Ads?

TripAdvisor Ads is a new marketing solution available to restaurants on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor Ads drive traffic to your TripAdvisor listing by promoting your restaurant in exclusive sponsored placements to a targeted audience of diners searching for a place to eat in your area.

How does it work?

TripAdvisor Ads appear on both desktop and mobile, in the first slot of your restaurant category(s) and in the top spot of the ranked list of restaurants. Ads are targeted only to diners searching for restaurants in your area and category on TripAdvisor. This means you’re capturing the attention of a highly targeted audience of diners who are ready to decide.

How much does it cost?

TripAdvisor Ads are charged based on performance — meaning you only pay for clicks that we send to your page. We offer three monthly budget options based on the number of clicks you’d like to receive. And, we make it easy — cancel at any time, no commitment, no hidden fees, and your campaign will automatically renew each month.

Ready to set up TripAdvisor Ads? Let’s get started:

  1. Log into TripAdvisor: Click the ads link in top menu of your TripAdvisor Management Center.
  2. Create a new campaign: View your campaign objective and audience. The audience of your campaign is determined by your location as well as categories of information we have about your business like cuisine type, restaurant price range, and meal type as listed on TripAdvisor.

    If there are inaccuracies in any of these categories, you can suggest updates to them in the “Manage Listing” section of the TripAdvisor Management Center. To do so, log into and under the “Profile” menu at the top click “Manage Listing.” Make your edits, and click “Submit.”1
  3. Set your budget: We offer three monthly budget options based on the number of clicks you’d like to drive to your TripAdvisor page. With each option, you pay only for the clicks you receive. We’ll always highlight the “Best Value” option — so you can quickly see which option will drive the most clicks, for the least cost-per-click.
  4. Add payment information: Add your preferred billing and payment information, we accept either direct debit or credit card. Note that you will not be charged until your first billing cycle (31 days after you’ve setup your campaign).
  5. Start your campaign: Click “Start Campaign” to begin driving more traffic to your TripAdvisor listing!
  6. Manage your ads: Once your campaign is running, you can track its performance at any time by clicking the ads link in your Management Center. Here, in the “Ads Overview” section, you will see the dates of present and past ad campaigns, as well as how many clicks and impressions these ads received.

Now that you’re driving more traffic to your TripAdvisor page, make sure those visitors convert into customers by enhancing your listing. TripAdvisor Premium provides you with the tools you need to optimize your listing, increase conversions, and fill tables. In fact, Premium subscribers see up to a 24% increase in booking interest for their restaurants.2 Sign up at

  • 1. TripAdvisor verifies many owner listing updates, such as cuisine type, with our user community. This content gets verified by users through questions we ask during review submission and via other site placements. How quickly we verify the information, and display it on the site, is dependent on the number of people who visit your TripAdvisor page. For most restaurants this process takes less than 5 days, after which you should see your updates published.
  • 2. Source: TripAdvisor Log Files, January – February 2017. Properties featuring Favorite Reviews and Storyboard drove an average of 20% more clicks to their own website. Properties with a TripAdvisor booking button drove an average of 24% more booking clicks.
Last Updated: October 16, 2017

Free or Premium? A Guide to Marketing on TripAdvisor

Free or Premium? A Guide to Marketing on TripAdvisor TripAdvisor offers a suite of marketing tools for hospitality businesses. Many are free but a few premium features are available for a fee. Do you know which are which?

Looking for ways to drive more business? TripAdvisor offers a variety of tools to help. There’s something for everyone, but you must be registered for your property’s Management Center to have access. 

Free Tools

Let’s start by looking at the free tools available to any accommodation, restaurant or attraction listed on TripAdvisor. These tools are always available in the Management Center:

Properties with at least 1 photo see 138% more engagement than properties with no photos.​1

Property page tools

Control the major elements of your TripAdvisor property page through the "Manage Listing" tab in the top menu.  Add photos to attract traveler attention, update your amenities, and complete other administration tasks here as well. 

Over 60% of travelers say Management Responses make them more likely to book.2

Review management tools

Under "Reviews" in the top menu, you'll find all of the tools you need to manage, measure, and respond to new reviews.  Try Review Express to encourage more reviews.

Nearly 90% of travelers say reviews are influential in choosing where to book.3

Free marketing tools

Get help marketing your business under "Marketing Tools" in the top menu of the Management Center. Showcase your reviews with the TripAdvisor Traveler Reviews App for your Facebook page, TripAdvisor Social Media Buttons, and widgets to display your awards and reviews on your website. Finally, request a TripAdvisor sticker for your property, so guests know you’re listed on the world’s largest travel site.4 

TripAdvisor Insights

Want free marketing tips, industry research, helpful guides and more? Visit or in the Management Center, under the "Help & Settings" tab in the top menu, select "TripAdvisor Best Practices."

Paid Tools

Accommodation & restaurant providers can enhance their TripAdvisor listings and attract even more travelers with some additional tools that are available for a fee. There are no premium tools available for attractions at this time.

Solutions for accommodations

  • Business Advantage: Industry-leading tools to better market your business to millions of potential guests, differentiate from competitors, impact booking decisions, and measure and improve your online reputation.Visit to learn more.
  • Instant Booking: Now, travelers can click the “Book on TripAdvisor” button to reserve a hotel directly on the site. Potential guests are more willing to book when they know they can purchase right on TripAdvisor.5 Instant booking gives your hotel an easy way to claim these bookings. Learn more here.
  • Sponsored Placements: Drive high quality traffic to your property by putting your listing on top of TripAdvisor search results for travelers searching for a place to stay in your area. Sponsored Placements are risk-free — meaning you pay only for the clicks you get and you can cancel at any time. Sign up today at

Solutions for restaurants

  • TripAdvisor Premium: Get the competitive advantage your business needs with TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants. Upgrading to Premium gives you exclusive access to powerful subscriber-only tools including Storyboard, Top 3 Reasons to Eat Here, Favorite Reviews, and exclusive data & insights. Learn more here.
  • TripAdvisor Ads: Drive traffic to your TripAdvisor listing by promoting your restaurant in exclusive sponsored placements to a targeted audience of diners searching for a place to eat in your area. Learn more here.

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Last Updated: January 10, 2018

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