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  • A mile above the rest on the west bay!
  • Excellent hotel in a paradise beach
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  • Friendliest place in San Pedro to do Business
  • Back Again
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  • Wonderful simply wonderful
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  • Most Peaceful Retreat....very serene!
  • Amazing get away for a few days
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  • Winners Sports Bar - Awesome Service
  • Great location, clean comfortable rooms, amazing staff commited to serving their customers
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  • Great services at Teguc InterCon
  • Delicious food,excellent restaurant
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  • Second time was just as great as the first
  • love the staff
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  • Lovely hotel
  • Christmas vacation
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  • Top 5 Best Hilton Properties in the World
  • amazing amazing
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  • Great day excursion off a cruise ship
  • cruise excursion for the day
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