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  • Savasi - A Hidden Gem.
  • Wonderful couples trip!
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  • Wonderful rooms but incredible giant clams!
  • Our Second Home!
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  • The Remote Resort - Simply Amazing Holiday in Paradise!
  • Aaaaaaaaamazing!
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  • All inclusive and surpassed expectations
  • A+, 10+, No Words...
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  • Great dags at friendly Papageno Eco Resort
  • Very relaxing getaway
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  • An amazing holiday surrounded by wonderful people
  • Amazing experiences and a family feel...
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  • Exceeded expectations! This is a secret gem!
  • Superb For Anyone!
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  • Romantic Private Luxury Resort!
  • 50th getaway
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  • Wonderful combination of luxury, relaxation and adventure!
  • Highly recommended! We have thoroughly enjoyed Matangi
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  • This resort truly is paradise
  • A true Paradise!
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