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  • Wonderful Hotel with Great Service
  • Latest Holiday
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  • Perfect Stay
  • Very nice visit
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  • seven star service i travel around europ ,far east and america and i never seen or received such an excellent service
  • Royal Welcome at The Royal Savoy
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  • Can't wait for our return visit
  • Holiday in Steigenberger
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  • Peaceful paradise getaway right on the beach
  • Awesome, the most beautiful hotel in Egypt
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  • Winter Sunshine- Roberta & Paul Griffiths / Preston.
  • Great!!
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  • Best hotel in Sharm
  • Xperience sea breez good
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  • First time but certainly not last
  • Better and better
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  • Honeymoon
  • Great Hotel
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  • beautiful resort, very nice and helpful staff
  • Excellent food, professional and friendly staff
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  • There is a reason why Madina is No. 1
  • Excellent hotel good food great service
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  • Beautiful hotel - the best so far in Egypt
  • This hotel made our holidays :)
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  • Great animation team!
  • amazing animation team
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  • Excellent service
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  • Great hotel. Great staff! Great experience!
  • Great location and nice hotel
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  • Lovely hotel but a bit cold in the evenings in February!
  • A holiday with serious consequences
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  • La branda paradisio... what will you more
  • A good choice
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  • Excellent
  • Excellent holiday
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  • Great Hotel and Perfect Service
  • Simply outstanding getaway
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  • Perfect for diving and relaxing!
  • The name says it all. An Oasis for Divers.
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  • Out of this world......................
  • Brilliant Hotel
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