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  • Wonderful place and excelente staff
  • It's like a scene out of an old movie
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  • A special Granada Boutique Hotel
  • Intimate, traditional house converted to a boutique hotel
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  • Great hotel in the heart of Leon!
  • Beautiful Gem in the heart of León
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  • Beautiful place to stay that was the perfect distance from town for me.
  • Could not recommend more
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  • Beautiful B&B with fantastic service
  • Lovely Boutique B&B
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  • Best owner, awesome location, great value
  • Best place in Granada
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  • The absolute highlight of my trip!
  • A splendid place
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  • Beautiful oasis surrounded by birds
  • Simply woooooooow
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  • already dreaming of coming back to this amazing place!
  • Y'all come back, ya hear!
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  • Perfect location, wonderful staff and beautiful property!
  • Great place to relax on Ometepe with amazing staff!
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