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  • Good service, good stay, good host
  • Great place in a convenient location
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  • I will definitely revisit this hotel
  • An excellent example of fine hospitality
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  • No fuss and exceeded expectations!
  • great guesthouse in the heart of the Hondae area
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  • Great hostel! Must come here if in Seoul
  • Great staff, great location.
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  • Great accommodation and friendly owner
  • Excellent Home Stay!
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  • Excellent location !!!! And more.....
  • Excellent location and nice apartment
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  • The best place with both traditional and modern Korea style
  • Traditional Authentic Beauty in the big city
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  • Warm, friendly and nice location
  • Cosy place, kind owner and fantastic location.
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  • Warm welcome from Boa Travel House during the cold winter
  • recommended for muslim
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  • Great hostel and base for touring Jeju Island
  • Clean and pristine lodging
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