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  • Beautiful and conveniently located b&b
  • Beautiful B&B
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  • A pearl within the norwegian fjords
  • Something special
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  • Super tranquil , great hospitality
  • Harty food
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  • Another beautiful location and stay in Norway!
  • I don’t want you to go here....
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  • Great Hotel
  • Amazing place
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  • Fabulous stay at this special hideaway gem
  • Excellent - Unique - Bravo if you found this
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  • Exactly what we wanted, zero complaints!
  • Perfect combination
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  • Cannot say enough good words :-)
  • Everyone should stay here!
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  • Wonderful! One of the highlights of our trip!
  • Beautiful location, Loved the booklet full of suggestions!
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  • Apartment just perfect for several days stay!
  • Comfortable and convenient...
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