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  • Relaxing staynin a well managed farm-B&B
  • Tidy friendly and great fun!
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  • Just go...experience this wonderful and unique place!
  • Lovely
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  • Communication is perfect --- Lund is a wonderfull city
  • Accommodation in a warm and friendly hotel in Lund, Sweden, which will remain unforgettable
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  • Real castle, really great place
  • Well worth a stay!
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  • Comfortable Stay with Delicious Breakfast
  • All you need
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  • Helen is fantastic and her b&b also!
  • Home away from home in Stockholm
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  • Loved our stay
  • Excellent, clean accomodations
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  • Perfect for relaxation, dining and nature
  • Great service, high end experience
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  • Amazing deal. Delicious breakfast.
  • Brilliant place to stay in Stockholm
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  • Night in the dungeons (very cozy and beautiful!)
  • Good stay
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