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  • Good hotel
  • Excellent Resort
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  • Super Gasston
  • Super gasston
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  • One of the best place I visited
  • The best hotel in the world and best animation Group , Mira opa laropaaa :-)
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  • Amazing and best holiday ever!!!
  • super hotel and very good entertainment team
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  • Lovely hotel and staff don't listen to bad reviews!
  • My favourite place for an amazing holiday
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  • Good hotel, outstanding staff!!
  • The best holiday ever. Great hotel and staff.. Very good food.There were great animatio
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  • Condé Nast Traveler writer loses her heart to Zita
  • Great hotel and very friendly
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  • Excellent family stay for the pleasure beach !!
  • Excellent Hotel
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  • The Best Place Ever In Djerba !!!
  • Super Hotel
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