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  • Great ski week, excellent staff
  • Fairytale!
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  • Amazing hotel, unbelievable service. The perfect place for a family vacation
  • a paradise for the young child (and their parents)
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  • Absolutely clean apartment & Nice breakfast
  • Clean, quiet, very friendly staff, excellent in-room breakfast
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  • Excellent resort for a family ski trip
  • Top end modern apartments in the fantastic Films Laax ski area
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  • Two weeks Winter Holidays with family
  • Fantastic discovery
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  • Perfect place for a real mountain experience
  • Great location and very good restaurant, but not cheap
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  • Exceptional service and a wonderful welcome
  • Another Glowing Review. Incredible Hospitality
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  • Great stay during family vacation
  • Zurich stay
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  • Excellent hotel with a sport theme, great staff and meals.
  • Great to be back at the Hotel Sport again! (see review dated 8 March 2015)
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  • Paradise in the heart of Switzerland
  • Fantastic spot, accessible from Zurich by car
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